Hamlet: Act 1 – Short Answer

The relationship between Laertes and Ophelia Siblings
Why is Polonius considered a windbag He talks a lotDoesn’t get to the point fast
Why Marcellus and Barnardo asked Horatio to come to the watch with them so he can “approve” their eyes. (Prove that they’re actually seeing a ghost) Horatio is even-keeled
Why Laertes wants to return to France To go to college
Where does Hamlet wish to return College in Wittenberg, Germany
How SPECIFICALLY does Hamlet the King die Claudius put poison in his ear while he was taking a nap in the garden that caused his blood to curdle and his skin to wrinkle up. (Leprocy Comparison)
Who is young Fortinbras and why King Claudius is worried about him He is the son of the recently deceased King of Norway. He is plotting revenge and building an army to gain the land his father lost in a battle with King Hamlet.
What is the King’s (Claudius) bad habit Drinking (Danish are alcoholics)
Why does Shakespeare include a ghost in many of his plays The supernatural world and superstition is a very big Elizabethan past-time. (It’s Spooky)
Why does Shakespeare include characters like Polonius in his plays. They are relatable characters because we all know a “Polonius” or a “Nurse” who likes to hear themselves talk in our lives.
Why did Shakespeare include elements about the Catholic belief of purgatory in the play of Hamlet? Queen Elizabeth was Catholic and that was the official religion of England then.
What is a soliloquy A speech of importance with one person on the stage that will usually portray what they are thinking.
What Hamlet was thinking about doing because of his depression. Committing Suicide
“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Foreshadows what King Hamlet’s murder (the fact he was murdered)
Why Claudius did what he did to Hamlet’s father To become king and marry Gertrude
Hamlet’s motivation for seeking revenge on King Claudius The Ghost told him to seek revenge if he had ever loved him.

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