hamlet act 1 questions

what questions would you like to ask hamlet? Did you really love ophelia?since you were so sad would you have let someone else kill you to put you out of your misery?
describe the mood in the opening scene scary, night, and eerie
what words and actions create this mood? -discussion of the ghost-threw a sword at the ghost-huddled together-hid from the ghost-night/foggy
who is polonius? -ophelia and laertes father
what is polonius’s relationship to hamlet and claudius? -counselor to king claudius -no relationship with hamlet
how does hamlet feel about hamlet and ophelia’s relationship? he doesn’t approve of the relationship because he believes he’s using her.
how does hamlet feel about his mother’s new marriage? – he’s not happy-he’s embarrass-upset about his father-mourning for his father-angry-it’s too soon and the timing isn’t right
why does hamlet keep these feelings to himself? so he can play detective he doesn’t know who he can trust
is the ghost of hamlet’s father real or imagined? the ghost is a real ghost in memory of hamlet’s father
do you think that hamlet will be successful in carrying out his father’s wishes? he might

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