Hamlet Act 1 Questions

Guards What are Bernardo and Francisco’s occupations?
Horatio + Marcellus What two other characters come and join Bernardo and Francisco?
Twice How many times has the Ghost previously appeared?
He didn’t believe in the ghost Why has Horatio been asked to keep watch with the guards?
Norway, King Fortinbras The ghost is wearing the same armor the King wore in two battles. Who did the King fight in those battles?
Enemies because Hamlet won and gained Fortinbras’s land. Prince Fortinbras wants it back. What do we learn about King Hamlet and Fortinbras of Norway?
To warn them about their future What does Horatio think is the cause for the Ghost’s visit
Guards in place, workers working all week + day, purchasing foreign goods and weapons for war What three things is Denmark doing to prepare for war?
Tell Prince Hamlet, it’s their job to tell him What do the guards agree to do at the end of Scene 1? Why?
His marriage, allows Laertis to return to France and sends Cornelius and Voldemand to old King Fortinbras What three matters of business does King Claudius take up at his first council session?
Acknowledging freshness of King Hamlet’s death but people should celebrate his marriage How does Claudius word his speech to the court so as to win approval for his hasty marriage and takeover of the throne?
France Where does Laertes, Polonius’s son, wish to go?
He’s dressed in black and mourning, it’s embarrassing to them Why are Claudius and Gertrude critical of Hamlet’s dress and behavior?
Depressed + Suicidal Describe Hamlet’s psyche
He was formally a close relative and now he’s his stepdad so they’re closer Why does King Claudius call Hamlet “my cousin and my son”?
Everyone loses a father, its natural, he shoudn’t mourn so much What does the King say to Hamlet in his long speech?
So he can obey his mother Why doesn’t Hamlet return to Wittenburg University?
Evil will come to light, he suspects something bad is coming and if suicide wasn’t illegal he’d do it What do we learn in Hamlet’s soliloquy
Soliloquy a device in drama in which a character voices thoughts while alone on stage
Elsinore What is the name of the King and queen’s castle
He wants to see the ghost himself After Horatio and the guards tell Hamlet they have seen his father, what further action does Hamlet propose?
Asks him not to tell anyone What does Hamlet request of Horatio?
A bad omen is coming, he was murdered, nothing is well What does the appearance of the Ghost, Hamlet’s dead father, make Hamlet suspect
Laertes is going back to school in France, say goodbye What event brings the family of Polonius together in this scene?
Hamlet isn’t sincere, make sure Hamlet backs up his words with actions How does Laertes advise his sister, Ophelia, on dealing with her relationship to Hamlet?
“yeah okay ur a hypocrite tho so like take ur own advice” How does Ophelia respond to her brother?
Don’t share thoughts, don’t be impulsive, be friendly but picky with friends, keep loyal friends close, don’t be immature, don’t be foolish, don’t try to please everyone, watch out for fights, if he’s in a fight make sure they don’t come back, listen to every man but speak to few, keep his opinions to himself, buy the most expensive clothes but nothing too flashy, don’t borrow or lend money, and be honest with himself Polonius gives his son Laertes much advice before he leaves. List all the advice he gives
They’re fake not genuine, Hamlet only wants her virginity What does Polonius say to Ophelia about Hamlet’s affection toward her?
Protective, controlling Judging by his words and actions in this scene, what kind of father does Polonius reveal himself to be?
Claudius is partying with music, canons, and drinking What is going on in the castle when Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus await the ghost?
Embarrassing, makes them look bad and degrades nobility How does Hamlet feel about the Dane’s tradition to drink
It will lead him to his death into the ocean, over a cliff, or suicide What do Horatio and Marcellus fear will happen to Hamlet if he follows the ghost?
Commands them off and threatens to kill them; desperate How does Hamlet manage to break away from his companions in order to be alone with the ghost? What is his emotional state?
Something’s wrong or bad about to happen Marcellus says, “There is something rotten in the state of Denmark” what does he mean by this statement?
He was murdered by Claudius, Claudius snuck upon him when he was napping and put poison in his ear and caused leprosy where blood curdles What does the Ghost reveal to bet he true circumstances of his death? Describe the crime in detail
Don’t let them sleep together in his bed The Ghost says, “if thou has nature in thee, bear it not. Let not the royal bed of Denmark be a couch for luxury and damned incest.” What is he telling Hamlet to do?
He was murdered by his brother with poison What is significant about how King Hamlet died?
Leave her be and let God and her guilt judge her What does the Ghost tell Hamlet about his mother’s punishment
To tell no one what they saw and what he’ll do What does Hamlet make Horatio and Marcellus promise?
He’ll be acting strange and spying on the King and Queen What does Hamlet tell his companions to expect of his behavior

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