Hamlet: Act 1 – Characters

Horatio Hamlet’s closest friend and confidantSees the ghost with Marcellus and BernardoTells Hamlet and brings him..
Marcellus/Bernardo Sees ghost while on watch for NorwayThey are guardsGoes the second time with Hamlet to show him the ghost
Voltimand/Cornelius Embassadors to NorwayAre going to tell the bed-ridden King of Norway about his nephew’s, Fortinbras’, plan of building an army and attacking Denmark.
Ghost Ghost of Hamlet’s fatherProphetic ghost-tells Hamlet about his murderIs in purgatoryTells Hamlet he has to pursue revenge and kill his uncle
Ophelia Hamlet’s LoverSister to LaertesDaughter of PoloniusTold to not believe Hamlet (sexism)
Queen Gertrude Hamlet’s motherRemarried to ClaudiusMay have cheated on King Hamlet before he died
Hamlet Main CharacterGoing to act crazy and plot revenge to kill his uncleThe ghost is making him
Claudius Killed King HamletBecame the new KingMarried Queen Gertrude
Rosencrantz/Guildenstern Former Students with HamletCourtiers (messengers)
Polonius King’s AdvisorA windbag- like the nurseFather to Ophelius and Laertes
Fortinbras Prince of NorwayWants lost land backBuilding Army to attack Denmark without the knowledge of his uncle, the new King.

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