HAMLET ACT 1 (8-19)

8. What do Horatio and the soldiers see on the wall? Be specific. they see the ghost of the dead king of Denmark
9. Who does Horatio plan to tell about what he has seen? hamlet
10. Claudius is trying to diplomatically head off an attack by who, and for what reason is he attacking? fortinbas because he wants his land back
11. What does Laertes ask Claudius for his permission to do? to return to france
12. What issue does Claudius have with Hamlet? he does not want hamlet to return to school
13. What issue does Hamlet have with Gertrude? his moms marriage
14. How does Laertes feel about Hamlet and Ophelia? How does Laertes feel about Hamlet and Ophelia? Laertes cautions Ophelia about falling in love with hamlet because Laertes feels that Hamlet is too young for her to be able to love her honorably
15. Who gives Laertes advice on how to act in France polonious
16. Who is the only person the ghost will speak to? hamlet
17. How do Horatio and Marcellus feel about Hamlet following the ghost? they didn’t like it they felt the ghost would lead the prince towards harm
18. What does the ghost finally reveal? And what does he want done about it? the ghost revealed he was the kings ghost and he didn’t die by a serpent, but claudious poured poison into his ear and killed him
19. What does Hamlet make Horatio and Marcellus swear to do (or not do)? he makes them swear not to speak of what happened.

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