Hamlet Act 1

Where and at what hour does act 1 scene 1 take place? -midnight-guard platform
What does the ghost look like? (S1) The dead king
Why are the soldiers on guard? What military concerns do they discuss? King hamlet conquered part of NorwayFortinbras angryVerge of war
How did king fortinbras of Norway lose his lands? (S1) In a duel with king hamlet; king hamlet killed king fortinbras
Why is prince fortinbras becoming aggressive (s1)? – wants land back- King hamlet is dead
3 signs which occur before the murder of Caesar. Why is this relevant to the play? (S1) – meteor shower, lunar eclipse, rising dead-czars murder went against the natural order and so did king hamlets
Why and when does the ghost disappear? (S1) When the rooster crows signifying morning
How does hamlet feel about the king and queen? (S2) -they got married too soon after his father’s death-they should still be grieving not celebrating a marriage
How does Claudius deal with the threat of aggression from fortinbras? Who are his messengers? (S2) -sends a letter to the king/ uncle of young fortinbras -messengers: Cornelius and Voltemand
What does Laertes want and why is the king willing to grant it? -he wants to return to France-his father Polonius gives him permission
Which images are used to suggest appearance and reality aren’t the same (2)? Even his black clothes, crying, and sighing can’t convey how he feels on the inside
3 things Claudius asks of hamlet (2) – think of him as a father-don’t go back to school-stop mourning his father
What will accompany each toast drunk in Denmark that day (2)? A cannon
Garden imagery (2) Unweeded garden= Denmark
Why is hamlet depressed (2) His father died and his mother and uncle married soon after
Appearance of the ghost (2) – wearing armor-sorrowful expression-very pale-fixed eyes upon them-stayed longer than 100 seconds
What does laertes think of hamlets attentions to Ophelia? (3) Merely temporary
Why is hamlet unlikely to marry Ophelia? (3) -his birth/ political marriage-choice must depend on the safety and health of the whole state
What advice does polonius offer laertes about his clothing? (3) Buy something expensive but not fancy/gaudy
Why is it ironic that polonius gives laertes lengthy advice? (3) He doesn’t give good adviceHe gives contradictory adviceEx/ be true to yourself Ex/ listen more than you speak
4 ways that polonius uses tender -currency-vulnerable-innocent-make look like
How does polonius instruct Ophelia to act towards hamlet? Don’t spend time with himDon’t believe himDon’t talk to him as much
Will Ophelia obey her father She says yes
What is the season of year and time of night (4) Midnight, fall
What is hamlets explanation about the sound they hear while waiting for the ghost -trumpets and 2 pieces go off-the king will drink through the night-of makes other nations think poorly of them
Two divergent explanations of ghosts Evil (from hell) goblinGood (from heaven)
What does horatio fear the ghost will do Kill hamlet or make him insane
What provokes Marcellus to say something is rotten in the state of Denmark? They see the ghost of the dead kingChain has been disrupted
Where is the ghost confined when he isn’t wandering? Why? -confined in fire until the crimes done while he was alive are purged
What does the ghost want hamlet to do Revenge his murder
What account of king hamlets death has been given at the time of his death A snake bit him
How did king hamlet really die His brother killed him
Did Claudius seduce Gertrude before king hamlet died? Yes
What is it meant by cut off even in the blossom of my sin He didn’t get to confess his sins before his death
What warning does the ghost give hamlet about his mother Don’t trust herShe’s under his uncles spell
What does leave her to heaven mean Don’t ruin yourself trying to punish her
Why do horatio, hamlet, and Marcellus keep moving around the stage to sera on hamlets sword They won’t tell anyone what they have seen
Antic disposition “Bizarre tendencies”He will pretend to act mad
Why does hamlet say oh cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right He will have to revenge his fathers murder
I that this too too solid flesh would melt Who spoke: hamletTo whom: himselfSituation: after meeting with his mother and uncleMeaning: he wishes he would die
Frailty, thy name is woman! Who spoke: hamletTo whom: himselfSituation: hamlet is mourning his father and cursing his mother for marrying again so soon to his uncle no lessMeaning: all women are weak and delicate in nature
Foul deeds will rise, though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes Who spoke: hamletTo whom: himselfSituation: horatio just told hamlet that he saw his father’s ghost and hamlet is desperate to meet with his fatherMeaning: cladius’ guilt will not be kept hidden
Do not as some ungracious pastors do, show me the steel and thorny way to heaven whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine, himself the primrose path of dalliance treads Who spoke: Ophelia To whom: laertesSituation: laertes just offered her advice about hamletMeaning: don’t lecture me on how to behave while ignoring your own advice
Neither a borrower nor a lender be Who spoke: polonius To whom: laertes Situation: he is giving him advice before he leaves to France Meaning: lending money is dangerous and borrowing money is frowned upon
This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man Who spoke: poloniusTo whom: laertes Situation: he is giving him advice before he leaves to France Meaning: if you are loyal to yourself than you can’t be borrowing money, loaning money, etc
You speak like a green girl Who spoke: polonius To whom: Ophelia Situation: when he asks what is between her and hamletMeaning: she’s gullible
Giving more light than heat Who spoke: poloniusTo whom: Ophelia Situation: he is referring to hamlets words as blazesMeaning: they seem pretty but don’t have substance/meaning
…it is a custom more honored in the breach than the observance Who spoke: hamletTo whom: horatioSituation: horatio is asking about the trumpets and two piecesMeaning: breaking the tradition is more honorable than observing it would be
And for my soul… being a thing immortal as itself? Who spoke: hamletTo whom: horatio and MarcellusSituation: they are trying to talk hamlet out of following the ghostMeaning: the ghost can not harm my soul so what is there to fear
Something is rotten in the state of denmark Who spoke: MarcellusTo whom: horatio Situation: hamlet had just walked away with the ghostMeaning: the chain has been disrupted
Murder most foul Who spoke: the ghostTo whom: hamletSituation: the king is explaining the circumstances of his deathMeaning: this murder is worse than other murders
There are more things in heaven and earth, horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy Who spoke: hamletTo whom: horatio Situation: they have just sworn that they I’ll never speak about the ghost and horatio remarks how strange it isMeaning: even the most educated people can’t explain everything
As I perchance hereafter shall think meet to put an antic disposition on Who spoke: hamletTo whom: his friends- Horacio and Marcellus Situation: they just heard the ghost ask hamlet to get revenge for him and made a vow of secrecyMeaning: hamlet might act crazy in the process of getting revenge
The time is out of joint. I cursed spite that I was ever born to set it right! Who spoke: hamletTo whom: to himselfSituation: he has just agreed to get revenge on his uncle for his fatherMeaning: he feels resentment that he must enact his father’s revenge

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