Hamlet Act 1

Give three specific examples which establish a spooky a spooky and suspicious mood in this scene 1. Spooky backround noises2. Statue moves3. Ghost of Hamlet
Why are there preparations for war? To try to win the war with the change if a new king
When the ghost enters, what questions does Horatio bravely pose to discover the ghost’s purpose? Who are you coming here this late at night and for what reason
What does Laertes ask permission to do? See King Claudius to ask his permission to return France
What does Gertrude ask Hamlet to do? What is her view of death? Time has passed and it’s time to stop mourning his father’s death
What does Claudius say about Hamlet’s sorrow? It is pitiful for a man to mourn and it shows he is a weak person
What is Hamlet’s view of his mother’s marriage? He thinks it’s wrong that she married his uncle and she did it so quickly as if she never loved him and didn’t mourn at all
What does Hamlet think the ghost indicates? His dad is trying to tell him something nobody knows
What does Laertes warm Ophelia about in regards to her relationship with Hamlet? She should be careful and not be fooled that just because he said he loves her it may not last forever
List 3 pieces of advise the polonium gives to Laertes he leaves for college 1. If you fight make sure they are intimidated2. Hoops of steel with friends3. Talk less and always listen
What is Ophelia’s response to both her father and brother’s warning? She will obey them
What are Horatio’s concerns about the ghost? He may take Hamlet making him disappear forever and make him crazy driving him to suicide
Who is the ghost? Where is the ghost from? Why has he returned? It is King Hamlet ; purgatory ; to tell Hamlet who killed him and must be avenged
How was King Hamlet murdered? What made it especially horrible? Caludius (his brother) inserted poison into his ear; he didn’t confess before he was murdered
What warning does the ghost give Hamlet in regards to himself and his mother? Why does he think this? How do you think Hamlet is going to react to this? They may be in danger and when he avenges his father he shouldn’t let go get to his head
Why does Hamlet sweat the men to secrecy? Never make know what they have known that night
What does Hamlet mean when he says he will “put an antic disposition on”? He’s going to act crazy. Pretend he is crazy

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