Hamlet Act 1

Describe Scene 1 The watchmen see the ghost of King Hamlet
Describe Scene 2 Claudius announces to the court Fortiabras wants to come back and get the land and tells Hamlet to stop grieving all the time
Describe Scene 3 Polonius and Laertes tell Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet
Describe Scene 4 Hamlet finds out about the ghost
Describe Scene 5 Hamlet finds out about the ghost
Relationship between Claudius and King Hamlet? Claudius is Hamlets’s uncle
Relationship between Laertes and Opehila? Brother and Sister
Relationship between Gertrude and Hamlet Jr.? Gertrude is Hamlet Jr’s mother
Relationship between King Fortinabras and King Hamlet? King Hamlet killed King Fortinabras
Portentous Full of unspecifiable significance; exciting wonder and awe
Invulnerable Immune to attack; impregnable; impossible to damage, injure, or wound
Malicious Spiteful
Filial the relationship of child or offspring to parent
Prodigal rashly or wastefully extravagant
Vow an earnest promise
Pernicious deadly; destructive
Hamlet and Ophelia are engaged False
Fortinbras Jr. wants to win back his Father’s land True
Claudius and Gertrude are not married True
King Hamlet was murdered by Claudius True
Polonius and Laertes warn Ophelia about Hamlet True
Horatio is Hamlet’s best friend True

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