Hamlet Act 1

The two guards are talking about ghost It has appeared before play has started
Gertrude and Claudius Commit incest which Hamlet is upset about
Elizabeth of England Incest making her illegitimate
Henry the 8 marries his brothers wife This makes Elizabeth illegitimate but Pope said it was okay to marry brothers wife
Shakespeare is mocking the incest of Henry and Katherine
Henry breaks off of the Catholic Church becuase He wasn’t able to get a divorce because the Pope was a prisoner of his then wife’s nephew
Hamlet going to Wittenberg Protestants were formed in Wittenberg
Norway making preparations for war against who? Denmark because they took some of there land and the king of Denmark died
Hamlet might be mourning marriage so quickly of mom and uncle But they think he is mourning his fathers death
Initial incident When King Hamlet tells hamlet what happened to him and how he died
The ghost says to kill uncle but spare queen Let heaven decide what to do with her
Hamlet decides to stop thinking about everything else but revenge This includes Offilia and his mothers infidelity
Seems He is not seems
Anaphora Nor will be said at the beginning of the following phrases
Hamlet says more than kin than kind because His son is now Hamlet but Hamlet still sees him as his nephew but by law he is the son of his uncle
Hamlet uses a homophonic (same sound) phrase How is it that the clouds hang on you -sadNot so my lord I am too much in the son – he is the kings son and under him
Palonius Advisor of the king Tells son to be true to himself and says don’t dress flashy
Neither a borrower nor a lender be Palonius says this
Marseilles-There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark Denmark is an autonomy of the king of Denmark or Claudius killing his brother, or the ghost
Official story of the kings death King was bitten by snake
King actually dies how Brother poured something like mercury in his ear

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