Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare
When was Shakespeare born? 1564
Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-upon-Avon
When did Shakespeare die? 1616
Anne Hathaway Shakespeare’s wife
Shakespeare started out as: an actor/”player”
Where was Shakespeare’s plays set? Internationally, usually Italy
Grammar school education How much education did William Shakespeare have?
True/False: Shakespeare’s plays were published during his lifetime FALSE
When was Hamlet written? ca. 1599
Shakespeare’s Four Tragedies Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Leer
Titles of the four tragedies emphasizes what? That the play centers around the internal conflict of the protagonist
Revenge tragedy tragic play motivated by an event that makes the characters act based on desire for revenge
Medieval morality play plays based on the struggle of the character “everyman”
Moral question that Hamlet raises: 1) When is it okay to take the law into your own hands?2)Why can’t Hamlet forgive Claudius?
What was Claudius’s motive? envy and lust
What is Hamlet’s motive? Revenge
According to the Elizabethans, Claudius and Gertrude’s marriage is: incestuous
“Hamlet” has 3 avengers: ___, Hamlet, Prince Fortinbras of Norway
Paralleled plotlines: 1) Hamlet’s quest for vengeance2) Fortinbras’s invasion of Denmark3)Polonius’s manipulation of his children
Hamlet’s tragic flaw: Indecisiveness
Prosody the makings and rules of poetry
Shakespeare’s plays are often written in: iambic pentameter
meter the rhythm of poetry, the emphasis on different syllables
Iambic pentameter a type of meter, also called blank verse when unrhymed
Iamb a type of poetic “foot” made of 2 syllables with an emphasis on the second syllable
Pentameter 5 beats per line in poetry
True/False: Every character in Shakespeare’s plays speak in iambic pentameter FALSE
Act One Exposition
Act Two Rising Action
Act Three Climax
Act Four Falling Actions
Act Five Denouement/Resolution

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