King Hamlet Killed Fortinbras killed by claudius
Claudius King Hamlet’s Brother Married Gertrude Killed King Hamlet
Gertrude Wife of King Hamlet and then King Claudius
Polonius King Hamlet’s Cousin (Sec of State)
Prince Hamlet Son of King Hamlet
Laertes Son of Polonius
Ophelia Daughter of Polonius lover of Hamlet
King Fortinbras Killed by King Hamlet
Prince Fortinbras Son of King Fortinbras of Norway
King Fortinbras’ Brother Old Norway
Setting Middle of Night Elsinore Castle Denmark
Who are the guards? Bernardo Fransisco and Marcellus
Who is Horatio? student who acts like guard
Where are they Outside of castle on platform
Who does ghost resemble? What do they do about the ghost? King Hamlet; Tell prince Hamlet
Who are claudius and gertrude and relationship to hamlet king’s brother and wife married mother of hamlet
Who are Cornelius and Voltimand? What is their mission? Messangers; take letter to uncle of young fortinbras
Laeretes? Situation similar to hamlet? son of polonius; both college students come for funeral, coronation and wedding
Polonius? relationship to laertes? to ophelia? to claudius? father of laertes and ophelia advisor to king claudius
Hamlet relation to Ophelia? romantic
what current events are discussed as the sentries await the appearance of the ghost? How is the situation parallel in Norway? young fortinbras wants to wage war against denmark both lost their kings
what possible reasons for the ghost’s appearance are discussed? to warn prince hamlet about invasion
Situation in danish court? how is it unusual? uncle has throne and not the heir hamletunusual to us not them
what attitude dominates hamlet’s personality? how does hamlet’s soliloquy reveal that attitude? melancholy angry about hasty marriage bw claudius and gertrude
what is polonius’ advice to laertes and ophelia? stop seeing hamlet (O) (9 advice sheet)
what warning does horatio give hamlet about ghost? dont speak to the ghost it might be bad and lead to deathhamlet talks to the ghost no matter what
what does hamlet learn from the ghost? what does he swear? father murdered by claudius 1.avenge death 2. leave mother to god
what does hamlet mean when he says he will “put an antic disposition on” what does he make his friends swear to? act crazy to get attentionnever tell anyone bout what they saw at night

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