where was shakespear born? Stafford in 1654
what was Shakespeare dads profession? glove maker
who did Shakespeare marry, and in what year Anne Hathaway in 1582
hamlets 3 children Hamnet, Susan, Judith
in what company did Shakespeare become a shareholder? the lord Chamberlain men
what did shakespeare do within the company writer and actor
what did the company build in 1599 the globe theater
who joins Bernardo in watching the castle. (a1s1) horatio and marcellus
What do Marcellus and Bernardo want to show Horatio? (a1s1) There is a ghost
What proves to Horatio that the ghost is that of King Hamlet? (a1s1) He was wearing the armor of king hamlet
How does Horatio explain the appearance of King Hamlet’s ghost? (a1s1) Like when he fought the poles
Who is Fortinbras? (a1s1) king of Norway wanting to take over the Danes
Who is now married to King Hamlet’s wife? (a1s2) king Claudius
What does King Claudius say he is in mourning over?(a1s2) his brothers death
What do Claudius and Gertrude want Prince Hamlet to do? (a1s2) urge him to stay
What does Prince Hamlet contemplate doing because he is so upset? (a1s2) suicide
What does Fortinbras want from Claudius? (a1s2) Wants land back his father lost due to a bet he had made.
what does laraties warn ophelia about (a1s3/4) dont fall too hard for hamlet
What is Laertes’ main objection to Ophelia’s feelings? (a1s3/4) dont lust
What is Laertes’ main objection to Ophelia’s feelings?(a1s3/4) probably wont last
What does Hamlet overhear while waiting for the ghost to appear? (a1s3/4) the revrely of the king
Why do Horatio and Marcellus follow after Hamlet and the ghost? (a1s3/4) to protect hamlet
How did Hamlet’s father die? (a1s5) killed by claudius
Who does the ghost of Hamlet’s father say killed him? (a1s5) claudius
What does the ghost of Hamlet ask his son to do because of his murder? (a1s5)
What does the ghost of Hamlet say about Gertrude, his wife? (a1s5) that she didnt kill hamlet, and to leave her alone
What does Hamlet tell Horatio and Marcellus about his plan? (a1s5) that he might pretend to be crazxy
What does Polonius ask Reynaldo to do for him? (a2s1)
To what country is Reynaldo headed? (a2s1)
What was Ophelia doing when Hamlet walked in to speak with her? (a2s1)
Describe Hamlet’s appearance.(a2s1)
Describe his behavior.(a2s1)
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?(a2s2)
Whom does Fortinbras swear he will not attack? (a2s2)
How does Polonius plan to prove Hamlet’s love for Ophelia? (a2s2) writes her love letters
What play does Hamlet want the players to perform? (a2s2)
According to Hamlet, how will Claudius react to the play? (a2s2)
Why does Claudius want to be left alone? (a2s3)
What do Polonius and Claudius overhear Hamlet discussing? (a2s3)
What does Ophelia give Hamlet?(a3s1)
Why does Hamlet call women dishonest?(a3s1)
What does Claudius say he’ll do with Hamlet?(a3s1)
What does Hamlet ask Horatio to do during the play?(a3s2)
How does Hamlet tease Ophelia?(a3s2)
What does Hamlet do during the performance?(a3s2)
What is Claudius’s reaction to the play? (a3s2)
Who sends for Hamlet after the play?(a3s2)
What does Claudius and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do with Hamlet? (a3s3)
Who plans to spy on Gertrude and Hamlet? (a3s3)
What does Claudius feel guilty for? (a3s3)
Why does Hamlet pass on the opportunity to kill Claudius? (a3s3)
When does Hamlet plan to kill Claudius? (a3s3)
Why does Polonius want to eavesdrop on Hamlet? (a3s4)
What does Hamlet accuse his mother of? (a3s4)
Why does Hamlet kill Polonius? (a3s4)
Why does Gertrude think Hamlet is mad? (a3s4)
What message does the ghost bring Hamlet? (a3s4)
Whom does Gertrude rush to see after Polonius is killed? (a4s1&2) king claudias
What does Gertrude compare Hamlet to? (a4s1&2) a bad storm
What is Claudius’s main concern? (a4s1&2) himself
What does Hamlet accuse Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of? (a4s1&2)
What does Hamlet allow Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do? (a4s1&2)
Who reveals the location of Polonius’s dead body? hamlet
What orders does Claudius send to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
What is Fortinbras doing when he comes across Hamlet, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern?
Why is Hamlet surprised by the nature of the conflict between Poland and Norway?
What does Hamlet resolve to do after meeting Fortinbras?

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