hamlet 2

Where does the play take place? Elsinore in Denmark
As the play opens, Horatio joins Marcellus and Bernardo at their night watch. Why has Horatio joined them? They have seen a ghost of Hamlet’s father for two nights. Horatio is a good friend of Hamlet’s and brings credence credibility
In line 51, how does Horatio interpret the appearance of the ghost? “This bodes some strange eruption to our state”
In lines 81-90, what three questions does Marcellus raise, and what explanation does Horatio provide? Why a night watch?Why weapons?Why are they working day and night?It’s all for war.
In lines 130-139, what three reasons does Horatio list for why the ghost may have returned from the grave? To complete a good deedWarn of impending dangerReveal a hidden treasure
What news does King Claudius announce at the opening of scene 2? His marriage to Gertrude
Why does Claudius send Cornelius and Voltimand to Norway? (lines 27-39) To talk to Fortinbras jr’s uncle to get him to curb his nephew’s military plans
What does Laertes ask King Claudius and why does he grant it so easily? He doesn’t really deny Hamlet’s returning.
What bothers Claudius and Gertrude about Hamlet’s dress? He is still in mourning, wearing black. It is a reminder to their hasty marriage
Why does Claudius want Hamlet to remain at court? To keep an eye on him. Claudius has a guilty conscience
About how long has Hamlet’s father been dead? 2 months
Explain why Hamlet says, “Frailty, thy name is woman!” (line 146) He blames him mom but also thinks women are weak
At the end of scene 2, what is Hamlet’s plan? To stand watch and see if the ghost will appear to talk to him

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