1. Hamlet 2. Gertrude 3. Claudius 4. Polonius 5. Laertes 6. Ophelia 7. Rosencrantz 8. Guildenstern 8 people that die at the end
what role did Polonius play as a character in a play years before? Julius Caesar
who is Yorick (the skull) the court jester
why won’t the Priest give certain religious rights at the funeral of Ophelia? Ophelia might have committed suicide
2 decisions when Hamlet is king (as he is dying) 1. Horatio must stay alive to tell the truth2. Fortinbras should be the new king
3 sets of fathers and sons in the play King Hamlet and HamletKing Fortinbras and Fortinbras Polonius and Laertes
Who does Hamlet have watch Claudius during the play? Horatio
3 Steps Claudius has taken to gain the throne 1. murdered King Hamlet 2. married Queen Gertrude 3. held a fake election-swung by Polonius
where did Hamlet go to college? Wittenburg, Germany
why do the guards think Horatio can speak to the ghost? he speaks Latin; educated
climbing a tree to hand a wreath of weeds (crowflowers, thistles, daisies, and orchises), but fell into gurgling brook and drowns.significance- she allows herself to be taken away by the current of the river, just like how she has lived-manipulated by Laertes and Polonius How Ophelia dies
Hamlet stabs him while spyingsignificance- he thinks spying is always the answer but it leads to his demise. how Polonius dies
Hamlet forges a letter to England telling England to kill ______?? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Who are Hamlet’s foils? Fortinbras and Laertes
name of the castle Elsinore
3 requests of the ghost 1. avenge his death 2. leave Gertrude to heaven 3. take care of yourself
4 plotting scenarios 1. Reynaldo spies on Laertes 2. Ros and Guild spy on Hamlet 3. King and Polonius spy on Hamlet and Ophelia 4. Hamlet makes the play sound like his father’s death
what role did Polonius play? Julius Caesar
what instrument does Hamlet want Guildenstern to play recorder
what 2 things does Hamlet ask of his mother 1.don’t sleep with Claudius 2. don’t tell anyone that Hamlet isn’t crazy
after seeing Fortinbras’s army, what does Hamlet promise to himself? to take more action
how does Hamlet come back into Denmark by a pirate ship that kidnaps him for ransom
2 reasons the king can’t prosecute Hamlet 1. Queen loves him 2. people love him
2 ways to kill Hamlet 1. poison the tip of Laertes’s sword 2. poison the wine
why won’t the Priest carry out the funeral? Ophelia might have committed suicide
who is the court fop-wants to put on heirs on what to do/ how you should act in the court Osric
what if Hamlet doesn’t fence? he will be put on trial
who drinks the poison wine first?What does she say with her last breath? Gertrudethe wine is poisoned
how does Hamlet kill Claudius stabs him and makes him drink the wine
how does the play end Fortinbras’s army invades and carries Hamlet’s body out like a king
3 sets of fathers and sons King Hamlet and HamletKing Fortinbras and FortinbrasPolonius and Laertes
Who does Claudius have spy on Hamlet? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
5 pieces of advice Polonius gives to Laertes 1) Give thy thoughts no tongue. 2) Be thou familiar . . . [not] vulgar. 3) Remember who your real friends are. 4) Don’t get into fights, but fight to win. 5) Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.
Who does Polonius have spy on Laertes? Reynaldo
How do the three sons honor their fathers Fortinbras – fight and get land backLaertes – challenged the kingHamlet – killed Claudius
Country where Claudius presides Denmark
What country does Fortinbras’ uncle tell him to fight in lieu of Denmark? Poland
What country does Fortinbras’ uncle preside? Norway
How did Claudius become King instead of Hamlet? Hamlet was at school when his father died and Claudius convinced the council
Who was present for the first ghost sighting? Marcellus and Bernardo
Who does Hamlet tell he isn’t crazy? Marcellus, Horatio, Gertrude, Ros + Guild
Why doesn’t Hamlet just take the ghost’s word without proof? Possible to be an evil spirit trying to get him to damn his soul by doing evil deeds
Real name of play and name Hamlet gives it The Murder of Gonzago and The Mousetrap
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius at the first chance? Claudius is praying and didn’t want Claudius to go to heaven.
Why did Gertrude think Hamlet was going crazy? Hamlet was talking to ghost and she didn’t see it
School Laertes and young Hamlet going to when King Hamlet died France, Wittenberg
What does Barnardo and Marcellus see while on tower duty?What do some people believe when a rooster crows? Dead King of Denmark’s ghost – Elder Hamlet – the ghost leaves when rooster crows.That a ghost doesn’t dare go wandering and night is safe. Spells don’t work and witches can’t bewitch people.
How many nights did they see it prior to beginning of play? 2 nights after midnight
What happened in Roman Empire before Julius Caesar was assassinated? Corpses rose out of graves and ran throught the streets, shooting stars, and blood mixed with morning dew, and threatening signs on face of sun, moon was eclipsed and almost went out.
What does Claudius say to Hamlet about mourning his father’s death too long? It’s not manly or what God wants and it betrays a vulnerable heart and ignorant, weak mind
How does the ghost of elder Hamlet look? More sad than agnry, very pale, beard was dark brown with silver whiskers.
Who is Laertes sister? Ophelia
What does he warn her? that baby blooms are suspectible to disease and worms ruin flowers before they bloom.
What do the trumpets playing and two cannons fired mean? King is up all night drinking and dancing
What does the ghost do to Hamlet? motions him to follow and tells Hamlet to revenge his murder. Ghost is trapped in purgatory until he does penance for his sins.
What people were told happened to elder Hamlet?What really happened? Bit by poisonous snake while he was sleeping in orchard.Claudius poured a vial of henbane poison into his ear that caused him to berak out in crusty scaly rash and then die.
Polonius tells Claudius he know why Hamlet has gone crazy. What does he say? That Ophelia rejected Hamlet’s love so Hamlet became sad, stopped eating, sleeping, got weak, dizzy and as a result, lost his mind.
Ophelia says the baker’s daughter was turned into what for refusing Jesus’ bread? an owl
What does hamlet compare Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to? a sponge
When did Hamlet first think about killing Claudius? After play that was put on when Claudius was praying
What does Claudius plan to do with Hamlet to keep his “insanity” from getting out of control? Send him to England on diplomatic business
Hamlet shows Polonius a cloud that looks like what?But what does Hamlet say it looks like? a camela weasel or a whale
What does Hamlet do to see if his father’s ghost is telling the truth and not a devil in disguise? have a play performed for the king, with a scene coming close to circumstances of his father’s death. Claudius’ guilt should reveal itself. If not, ghost was just a devil.
With performance of play, how long how it been since elder Hamlet’s death?How long did Hamlet tell Ophelia it had been? 4 months2 hours
Hamlet says how many thousand brothers did he love Ophelia? 40,000
Who do the people want to be King? Laertes, Ophelia’s brother
What’s rosemary stand for?pansies?Fennel and columbines?Rue?Daisy?Violets? rememberingfor thoughtsadultryrepentanceunhappy lovefaithfulness
Who builds stronger things than a stonemason, shipbuilder or a carpenter? gravedigger
Those with a suspicious death deserve what? rocks and stones thrown on their body
What doe sthe Queen toss on Ophelia’s grave? flowers
Where was Fortinbras of Norway leading his soldiers? To Poland
What does Hamlet call Polonius? Jephthad – judge of ancient Israel who sacrifices own daughter by making a vow to fast

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