the son of polonius Laertes
Deceased king of Denmark King Hamlet
Prince of Denmark, son of deceased king Hamlet
newly crowned king of Denmark and Hamlets uncle Claudius
Queen of Denmark, widow of Deceased king and now wife of Claudius Gertrude
Ophelia daughter to Polonius, and Hamlet’s girlfriend
Horatio Hamlet’s friend
Councillor to Claudius; right hand man Polonius
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern school friends of Hamlet who are summoned by Claudius to spy on Hamlet
Fortinbras prince of Norway, his father was killed in battle by King Hamlet
who is hamlet’s mother married to? Claudius but was the widow of King Hamlet
What does the ghost demand that Hamlet do? get revenge
setting of Hamlet Denmark
How does Claudius kill King Hamlet? Claudius pours poison in his ear while he sleeps
Who eulogizes over Hamlet’s corpse? Horatio
what play was performed at the castle? The Murder of Gonzago
Who did the school chums spy on? Claudius
How does Ophelia die? drowns in a stream outside a castle
Who is executed? School chums
when was hamlet written 1600’s

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