Claudius A sinful scemer who betrays his own brother
Laertes Duelist and protective brother
Gertrude One to be punished by heaven for haste
Hamlet Moody brooder who frets about taking action
Horatio Princes closest confidant
Ophelia Tender hearted mourner driven mad by grief
Polonius Advice giving busybody
True Gertrude tells Claudius hamlet is mad
False Hamlet agrees to go to Claudius with Rosencratz and Guildenstern as soon as they ask him
False Fortinbras army is on its way to Italy
False The land that Fortinbras army goes to fight for is of crucial economic importance to both sides
False After talking to Fortinbras captain, hamlet plans to abound on his plan to avenge his father’s death
True Gertrude doesn’t want to speak with Ophelia when Ophelia requests a meeting
False Like hamlets “antic disposition”, Ophelia’s madness is also feigned
True The mob wishes to make Laertes King
True Laertes seeks revenge for his father’s death
True The grave being dug by the gravediggers is for Ophelia
False Yorick was a general
True Hamlet fights with Laertes at Ophelia’s funeral
False Osric is hamlets cousin
True Hamlet apologizes to Laertes before fencing match
True Gertrude dies by drinking wine that Claudius has poisoned
True Hamlet dies of a wound from Laertes poisoned sword
True Messengers report that Rosencratz and Guildenstern are dead
True Hamlet wants Fortinbras to be the next king of Denmark

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