when was Shakespeare born? April 23, 1564 (don’t need to know year)
in what town was Shakespeare born in? Stratford-on-Avon
who did Shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway
when did Shakespeare die? April 23, 1616
iambic pentameter stress and unstressed syllables
blank verse unrhymed iambic pentameter
revenge tragedy a protagonist of moral sensibilities is confronted with evil, becomes warped, omits crime with relish (willingly with joy/welcoming it), and is redeemed in the end
soliloquy the inner thoughts of a character (revels what they are thinking)
denouement the end (in French)
comic relief a scene or character used to revile tension
Stoicism a religious philosophy where by one accepts life’s joys and sorrows in the same way
HOLM the 4 major tragedies by Shakespeare: Hamlet, Othello, (King) Lear, McBeth
how many acts are there in a Shakespeare play? 5
Hamlet prince of Denmark
King Claudius married to Gurtude, now King of Denmark, killed King Hamlet
Queen Gurtude
Polonious Lartes and Ophelia father, first death
Lartes Ophelia’s brother
Ophelia Lartes sister
Fortinbras King (maybe) of Norway who wants his land back
in act 1: what do the guards see on a bitter cold night at midnight? a ghost
in act 1: who is the ghost? King Hamlet
in act 1: what is the ghost wearing? armor, as if he were ready for war
in act 1: what country lead by who is planing on invading Denmark? Norway, by Fortinbras
in act 1: who is the new King of Denmark? Claudius, Hamlet’s dead father’s brother
in act 1: who does the new king marry? Gurtude, Hamlet’s mother
in act 1: Lartes tell Ophelia what before he leaves? to be careful about “dating” Hamlet because he can’t marry out of the royal blood
in act 1: what is Ophelias reaction when Lartes told her to be careful about Hamlet? he shouldn’t tell her to not do something then go and do it himself
in act 1: what advice does Polonius give Lartes before he leaves? • don’t get into a fight•don’t borrow or lend•buy what you can afford•be yourself•if you get in a fight- make them scared of you
in act 1: Polonius finds out about …..
quotes to do: “a little more than kin, and less than kind” -H

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