Who tried to stop the possible war with Norway King Claudius
Who once played in a production of JULIUS CAESAR Polonius
Who loved Rhenish” Hamlet
Who ordered a proper burial for Hamlet” King Fortinbras
Who didn’t seem to be worried about dying” Hamlet
Who said, “A willow grows aslant a brook” ” Queen Gertrude
A valuable pearl was offered to whom” Hamlet
Who said, “Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well” ” Hamlet
To whom was line 8 spoken” Bernardo (Look at)
Who said “Good night ladies, good night.” “ Ophelia
Who said, “I shall obey you, madam.”” Hamlet
Who said, “We’ll teach you to drink ere you depart”” Hamlet
What character was puzzled over Danish customs” Horatio
Whom was spied on by Reynaldo” Laertes
Who described man as the “paragon” of animals” Hamlet
Who bought an unction of a mountebank” Laertes
Who did not believe in ghosts” Horatio
Who said, “You are as good as a chorus”” Ophelia
Who said, “Thou art fat and scant of breath” ” Queen Gertrude
Who said, “The rest is silence” ” Hamlet
Whose skull did Hamlet hold” Yorick
Who was judge at the swordfight” Orsic
Which country might attack Denmark” Norway
Who had gathered a group to support him as the new Danish king” Laertes
Insanity is a theme of this play. Whose insanity is real” Ophelia and/or Hamlet
In the famous eavesdropping scene, Ophelia is instructed to read what” The Bible (devotion book)
Who plots to hide behind an arras” Polonius
Who calls Polonius a fish monger” Hamlet
Who reports that Hamlet’s stockings are down to his knees” Ophelia
Define DRABBING. “ Dirty, scandalous
Who uses Polonius for his own good” King Claudius (Hamlet
What do beating of drums and blasting cannons mean” Mischievous
Who speaks the play’s first soliloquy” Hamlet
Who is sent to Norway with a letter” Voltimond and Cornelius
Which character asks to leave Denmark” Laertes
The king has received several threatening letters from whom” Horatio
By the end of act 1, the king decides to call in which 2 characters” Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
What is a partisan” A spear
Horatio can speak which archaic language” Italian
In Scene one, which character is not a regular guard” Horatio

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