why does the ghost of hamlets father appear but not speak to the officers on sentinal and duty? they believe that they offended it by threatening him
what do ghostly operations usually portend, according to these witnesses? something bad will happen in the future
what is the content of the dispatches Claudius has sent with Voltemand and Cornelius to the king of Norway? to control the prince and don’t invade
in his soliloquy, what are hamlets reasons for objecting to his mothers remarriage? she’s already forgotten about the king and she marries her brother-in-law
what advice does Laerted give to Ophelia as he says farewell to her prior to his departure for Paris? don’t be with Hamlet because of political reasons
what advice does she give Laerted in return? practice what you preach and take your own advice
what is the thrust of advice Polonius gives Laertes to use as his Son prepares to leave? don’t talk a lot about your thoughts, don’t give or take
what does Polonius instruct Ophelia to do regarding Hamlet? to forget about him because he’s a liar and isn’t actually in love with her
what does the apparation tell Hamlet? ghost tells him to give revenge on his death and he can’t blame his mom
what two-part oath does hamlet extract from his companions following the encounter with the ghost? he’s going to fake his insanity and they can’t tell anyone
what task does Polonius assign Reynaldo in Paris? to spy on Larra tease to see if he is being honorable
in what respect does Polonius change his mind about Hamlet and the princes relationship to ophelia? he things Hamlet is acting crazy because he’s in love with Ophelia
What task does Claudius assign to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? to spy on Hamlet
What news do Voltemand and Cornelius bring back from Norway? Norway asks permission to send troops third Denmark
what do Claudius and Gertrude conclude after hearing Polonius read the letter from Hamlet to Ophelia? they had been suspicious of Hamlet before, because he was acting crazy about being in love with Ophelia
what does Polonius mean in an aside, as he speaks with Hamlet, “though this be madness, yet there is method in it “? there’s a method to his madness
what does Hamlet make Rosencrantz and Guildenstern confess? there secrecy to the king and queen because they are spies
why have hamlets two friends arranged for the theatrical troop to perform at the palace? it’s arranged for Hamlet to enjoy himself
what is the significance of the speech which Hamlet request from the actor, taken from the story of the Trojan war? it’s a foil for hamlets decision to avenge his father’s murder
what do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern report to Claudius regarding their conversation with hamlet? he’s pleased the play is happening
what do the pair failed to reveal to Claudius? he doesn’t know they are spying on him by the king and Hamlet is not actually crazy
what favor does Hamlet ask of horatio? Watch Claudius during the play to see if he looks guilty
what is the plot of the dumb show the players present? pours poison in ear and queen runs off
what is the significance of the plays title, “the mouse trap”? Play is a trap to Claudius (to see if he’s guilty or not)
what does hamlet mean, as he prepares to visit his mother, when he says, “oh heart, lose not thy nature”? he doesn’t want to lose his temper with his mom
what rationale do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern give for excepting Claudius’s commission to take hamlet to England for with? Claudius is the lesser of two evils. If they protect Claudius they will protect the kingdom
what is ironic about hamlets a failure to kill Claudius while the king is kneeling in prayer? he wasn’t actually praying
what is the apparent purpose of the ghosts appearance in the Queen’s bedroom while Hamlet speaks with his mother to have hamlet seek revenge and don’t torture your mother
what does Claudius direct Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do? to find hamlet and Polonius’s body and bring it back
why does fortenbras send word to Claudius? to create false appearances
how does hamlet contrast himself to beasts? A man that will not take action is a beast
what reasons does Claudius gave Laertes for not taking action against Hamlet who Claudia says pursued his life? concern for the queen and the kingdom likes Hamlet
why does Claudius plan to poison the drink, in addition to poisoning the rapier tip which Laertes will wield? so that he has A back up plan in case they get suspicious
how does Ophelia drown? she was picking flowers
why is there debate surrounding the nature of Ophelia’s funeral? whether or not she killed herself and if she gets a proper Christian burial
how long has the gravedigger been sexton, and when did he first become employed? 30 years and ever since him what was born and King Hamlet fought fortenbras
what joking insult to the English does Shakespeare put into the gravediggers dialogue, regarding hamlets madness? if Hamlet doesn’t get better before he goes to England it won’t matter because England is already mad
what cause does Laratee ascribe to Ophelia’s madness, which led to her death? he blames Ophelia’s madness on her father’s murder
what prompts hamlet’s outburst at Ophelia’s graveside? he doesn’t want Laertes to have grief
how does Hamlet justify his counterfeit command that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are to be murdered by the English? they deserved their death
in his apology to Laertes, what does hamlet mean when he says, “I have shot my aero over the house and hurt my brother”? killed Polonius but unintentionally hurt rarities
why does Hamlet for bed Horatio to drink the rest of the poison cup he wants horatio to tell hamlets story so Hamlet can be honored
Who will ascend to power as the new king of Denmark? Fortenbras

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