Where and at what exact hour does Act 1 scene 1 take place? midnight at the watch tower at the castle of elsinore
What does the ghost look like looks like the dead king, Hamlet’s father – he is wearing the armor King Hamlet wore
How did King Fortinbras lose his hand? he lost his land by fighting king hamlet in a battle since he lost king hamlet had gotten his land.
Why is Prince Fortinbras becoming a problem? Prince Fortinbras is becoming a problem because ehe wants his dads land back and wants revenge for his fathers death
Why and when does the ghost appear appears when everyone starts talking about a mysterious thing that has been appearing. He reappears when Horatio talks about Julius Caesar’s death and warns everyone
How does Hamlet feel about the king and queen? he is upset and angry that his mother married the man who killed her husband (his father). He is also unhappy because they married each other so quickly after King Hamlets death. Hamlet also does not trust the king
How does Claudius deal with the threat of aggression from Fortinbras? Claudius is sending Voltemond and Cornelius to Denmark to try and prevent conflict between Norway and Denmark
What does Laertes ask of the King? Why does the King grant his request? Laertes asks to go home back to France. His request is granted because Polonius (Laertes dad) said it is time for Laertes to go home back to France and go to school again)
What does Claudius ask of Hamlet? – stop grieving – if he’s gonna go back to school – forgive him – accept Nature’s course
Why is Hamlet so depressed? because he lost his father and feels like he lost his mother since she married again so quickly
What does Laertes say to Ophelia about Hamlet’s intentions toward her? How does he feel about it? Laertes says he believes Hamlet may just be fooling around with her. Laertes doesn’t like it and wants Ophelia to stay safe
Why is it unlikely Hamlet will marry Ophelia? Hamlet is a prince and Ophelia is an ordinary girl and Hamlet needs approval from the king on who he can marry and the king will more than likely not approve Hamlet marrying Opehila
What advice does Polonius give to Laertes? – choose your friends wisely.. keep friends close but don’t be friends with everyone- don’t start a fight but if you end up in one defend yourself – dont share all of your inner thoughts with people – pay costly for your clothes
How does Polonius instruct Ophelia to act toward Hamlet he tells her not to associate with Hamlet and see Hamlet anymore
Lines 43-46 in Act 1 scene 4 suggest two divergent explanations of the ghosts. What are they? ~a ghost from evil – a goblin~ ghost from heaven – an angel
What does Marcellus mean when he says “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark?” something isn’t right there and something bad is gonna happen
What does the Ghost want Hamlet to do? pay attention to him and get revenge
The Ghost tells Hamlet one story of King Hamelt’s death the the people of Denmark believe was.. a snake bit King Hamlet while he was sleeping in his garden
How did King Hamlet really die? He was murdered by his brother
What warning does the Ghost give to Hamlet about his mother Gertrude? he tells hamlet not to trust his mother and that she is under his uncles spell
At the end of the scene 5 in Act 1 Hamlet has a plan. What is it? Hamlet is going to act strange and nuts which will cause people to say things infant of him which they usually wouldn’t
Give an example of an allusion found in Act 1 referring to the Garden of Eve and he snake : ” Tis given out that, sleeping in my orchard, A serpent stung me so the whole ear if Denmark is by forged process of my death Rankly abus’d but know, thou noble youth. The serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wears his crown.” (Lines 42-47 in scene 5)
What task does Polonius assign Reynaldo in Paris? to spy on Laertes
What theme or motif does Polonius assigning Reynaldo the task introduce in the play? the theme of treachery… Polonius is having Reynaldo do the task which shows Polonius’s deceptive nature and the theme of spying
Why is Ophelia so upset when she speaks with her father? because Hamlet has gone crazy and isn’t talking to her
In what respect does Polonius change his mind about Hamlet and the Prince’s relationship to Ophelia? Polonius thinks Hamlet loves Ophelia and that Hamlet not being able to see her is what is making him crazy
What task does Claudius assign to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to spy on Hamlet and find out why he is acting crazy
What news and request do Voltemand and Cornelius bring back from Norway? The news was that the King of Norway yelled at Fortinbras for attempting war on Denmark and Fortinbras swore he would never attack the Danes again. The request was that Prince Fortinbras’s armies be allowed safe passage through Denmark on their way to attack the Poles.
What do Claudius and Gertrude conclude after hearing Polonius read the letter from Hamlet to Ophelia? They believe that Hamlet loves Ophelia and his love is real
What does Polonius mean in an aside, as he speaks with Hamlet. “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it”? Polonius is saying that Hamlet has a plan which is why he is acting crazy. Polonius suspects tho is all play acting
What does Hamlet make Rosencrantz and Guildenstern confess? that they were sent by the King to spy on Hamlet to find out why he was acting different
Why have Hamlet’s two friends arranged for the theatrical troupe to perform at the palace? so hamlet will be happy again
What is the significance of the speech which Hamlet requests from the actor, taken from the story of the Trojan War? Its his way of showing Claudius that he knows what happened to his dad and that he is going to see Claudius’s return.
Hamlet’s “O what a rogue and peasant slave am I…” is the first of his soliloquies. What is he saying and how does this set of words help to move him to action? Hamlet is saying he scolds himself for his weakness and inaction in avenging the murder of his father. He is using these words to move forward and get Claudius to feel guilty and admit the crime he committed
What does Hamlet decide to do at the end of his speech (soliloquy)? he decides not to kill Claudius yet but to find more solid ground to stand on with proof besides a spirit telling him
Where is Hamlet from? Denmark
Where is Fortinbras from? norway
What is the problem throughout the whole play appearance vs. reality
Hamlet vs. Polnoius Foil: Hamlet has a clever wit and Polonius is foolish “Who was in life a foolish prating knife.” (pg. 185) – hamlet was clever when he had Polonius’s body
Hamlet vs. Claudius Foil: Hamlet is honest and Claudius is dishonest- Claudius sends people to watch hamlet and find out what he is doing. he also wont admit to killing his brother and he says he cares about Hamlet but is really planning to kill him
Hamlet vs. Ophelia Foil: Hamlet is emotionally strong and Ophelia is emotionally weak- She sings and acts weird and is believe to have committed suicide after her father died and Hamlet left her
Hamlet vs. Fortinbras Foil: Hamlet is a man of though and Fortinbras is quick to action – Fortinbras goes back to get the land his father lost
Hamlet vs. Laertes Foil: Hamlet has a sense of right and wrong and Laertes in uncivilized and ignorant- Laertes plans to kill hamlet
What does Claudius worry the public will say about Hamlet murdering Polonius? he worries they will take Hamlet’s side and start accusing Claudius of killing his brother and he believes they will aid Hamlet in his madness
When the King asks Hamlet where Polonius is, what is Hamlets answer? he says he is at a supper where he is eaten. Hamlet explained the circle of life and hinted at Polonius being dead
What has happened to Ophelia? Ophelia has died. Many has suspected suicide. she fell into a river and drowned, before she dies she had gone crazy and stated singing very weird songs
What news does the Queen bring Laertes? she tells Laertes that Ophelia has died and that he is his only family member who is still living because Ophelia and Polonius are dead.
What is the bloody dead Claudius refers to? Hamlet killing Polonius
Explain the sponge metaphor and what does Hamlet think of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Hamlets believes R&G are like sponges because all they do is go to different people just so they can get information like a sponge would soak up water
Why must the king “not put the strong arm on” hamlet? because the common people love Hamlet
What is the content of the letters the king sends with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to england with hamlet it states that the king wants hamlet to be killed as soon as he reaches england
What prompts Hamlet to say “My thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth” Hamlet figured out that Fortinbras is fighting over a little piece of land that isn’t meaningful
Why does Laertes force his way in? What does he want? he forced his way in because he wants revenge for his father
How does Claudius act and respond to Laertes? Explain the irony of Claudius’s line: “and where the offense is, let the great ax fall” Claudius responds to Laertes that his father is dead. This line is ironic because he killed king hamlet but doesn’t feel guilty, whereas hamlets action of killing Polonius deserves punishment
What is the content of Hamlets letter to Horatio? it explains that he escaped R&G onto a pirate ship. And the pirates are treating Hamlet nicely because they want favors. He tells Horatio in the letter that he wants the king and Queen to visit him
What plan do the King and Laertes discuss to Hamlet Laertes is going to challenge Hamlet to a sword fight and out poison on the tip of the sword. If this doesn’t work the he will poison hamlets drink

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