Who goes optimis to seeing evil? Hamlet
Birth place of shakespear? Straford
“I must be cruel, to only be kind” Hamelt ; saying to his mom
Is claudius static or dynamic Static
Who was hamlets loyal friend? horacio
Who does the ghost say not to punish? His mother
Who was a “Howard and pigent accoring to hamelt” Hamlet
Why is shakespear a great writer? great charachter , poetic structure and themes
What is one thing shakespear does not have? Plots
Whoi killed fortenbras father? Hamlet Sr
who made revenge happen? Claudius
What philosophy does hiracio believe in ? stoic
How many plays did shakespear write? 37
Why does hamlet write that play within a play? to bring out claudius guild
why is hamlet a great charachter around the world? because we can relate
why would lataries be foil for hamlet? because he immediately trying to revenge his father
Whats the frodian aspect of the play? edicus complex
What was hamlets play about a nephew can kill a king
One inner conflict with hamlet? Suicide
one outer conflict with hamlet want to kill claudius
Is hiracio static or dynamic charachter static
why does hamlet treat ophiliea bad? she might be a spy and all women are the same
what two charchters see the ghost? hamlet and hiracio
at what stage did hamlet be mad? anticapation
where do bio people learn about their facts about shakespears life? Public records
The main poision in the play ? claudius
who follows not emotional? horacio
Whats the skull name? yaikis
what are three type plays shakespear wrote? tragedy , historical , comedy
What was shakespears greatest? Tragedy
Why is first act important? sets stage , introduce background information
give stages of tragedy in order exposition, anticipation, contfortation , delay and complete
“Neither a borrower or lender be” Polonius

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