Guided Reading Questions Lord of the flies Chapter 1

What do you learn about Ralph when he reacts to Piggy by ignoring him and doesn’t ask Piggy his name? Ralph thinks he is superior to piggy.
Why do you think Piggy confides his name to Ralph? Because Piggy wanted to be recognized.
Why would Piggy pretend that the idea to call using the shell was Ralph’s? He’s building Ralph up to be a leader.
How does Jack react to Simon fainting? He said just leave him alone, he always faints.
Are you surprised that Piggy is treated as an outsider? Why? I am not surprised because the other boys seem to able the tasks that they are attempting.
What reasons does Jack give why he should be chief? He is chapter chorister and can sing c-sharp.
Why does Ralph offer the leadership of the choir to Jack? Ralph let Jack rule over the choir as a consolation for not being chosen as chief

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