Greg’s Macbeth – Theme POWER

Speak if you can what are you? Act 1: MB demands the Witches to tell him more about the prophecy and who they are; showing that he has power over them and can manipulate them into doing what he wants them to do
Th’expedition of my violent love Act 2: His love is running wild and uncontrollable, like he has learnt to love being violent and pain-inflicting; showing that he has a lack of power due to not being able to control himself.
Ay, in the catalogue ye go for men Act 3: saying that the murderers are men, so should be more manly and kill Banquo; showing that MB has power over the murderers to be able to force them to kill Banquo for him.
Thou art too like the spirit of Banquo. Down! Act 4: Suggests that he (MB) is too similar to the ghost of Banquo, showing that he isn’t in control of his own body; lack of power of himself due to being again out of control of his body
I will not yield to kiss the ground at young Malcolm’s feet Act 5: This could also suggest power as well as greed as MB shows here that he does not want to surrender because he will have to kiss the ground in front of Malcolm, which suggests bowing down to Malcolm’s power – he’ll become King after MB as said in the Witches’ prophecy.

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