Great Gatsby Questions

Who is Nick Carraway? -The novel’s narrator-young man from Minnesota who, after being educated at Yale and fighting in World War I, goes to New York City to learn the bond business-moves to the west egg-the neighbor of Gatsby -cousin of Daisy
Who is Tom Buchanan? -Daisy’s wealthy/abusive husband-from “old money”-having an affair with Myrtle -lives in the east egg
Who is Daisy? -Nick’s cousin-woman Gatsby loves – She fell in love with Gatsby, however Daisy has a deep need to be loved, sand marries Tom Buchanan -has an affair with Gatsby
Who is Jordan Baker -Daisy’s friend-Nick likes her
What is the relationship between Nick and the Buchanans? -It is a superficial relationship -Nick thinks that the Buchanan’s speak very highly of themselves -Nick is disgusted and intrigued with the Buchanan’s
Why does Daisy always speak in such exaggerated phrases? -She speaks in a low voice that makes people lean forward to listen to what she is saying -she speaks in exaggerated phrases to make everything that she says more important
What is the significance of Tim’s reference to the book he is reading? -Tom is racist- it reveals Tom’s belief that the dominant race must stay in control, that lesser races must be beaten off, an attitude he displays toward Gatsby
Why does Daisy hope her child will be a beautiful fool? – She was trying to imply that the life of a woman is a happier one in ignorance -If her daughter is a “fool” then she will never have to suffer the harsh realities of the real world ( Ignorance is bliss)
Why does Daisy describe her youth as a “white girlhood”? -literal standpoint=she was dressed in white-she remembers her youth as a time of innocence and simplicity, in contrast to the present.
why does Gatsby reach out to the water? -Daisy is across the water-he wants Daisy
Why is Wilson covered with dust from the ashes? -he works at a garage just outside of the Valley of Ashes-symbolically it could mean that Wilson is “buried” in the ashes and not noticed
Why does Myrtle Wilson behave with such hauteur, both toward her husband and in the city apartment? -Myrtle wants to climb the social ladder and is ashamed of the class that she is in, so she acts like she is above her husband and the lower class people around her
What does the owl eyed man symbolize? -The Owl-Eyed Man is similar to the billboard for Dr. T. J. Eckleburg with the “all-seeing” eyes-Both symbolize an uninvolved, spectator and they watch all the activities of the humans struggling below
What is the contrast between Gatsby and his party? -Gatsby spends all this money for people to come and enjoy them but he never really enjoys them and takes part in them-Gatsby was reserved and his guests outrageous-party guests are just there to party and get drunk while Gatsby just wants Daisy
What is the significance of Jordan’s lies? -Jordan’s cheating at the golf tournament is significant because dishonesty is something society accepts
Why is the catalog of Gatsby’s guest included? -so Gatsby could see if Daisy was there
What two facets of Tom’s personality are revealed when he breaks Myrtle’s nose? -it shows his brutality-Secondly, the hypocrisy of how it is all right for him to humiliate and wound his wife with his infidelity, but it is unforgivable for Myrtle to even mention Daisy’s name.
Why does Wolfsheim mourn the passing of the Metropole? -the Metropole was the sight where he lost his friend, Rosy Rosenthal, who was murdered outside the Metropole
Why does Gatsby call Nick “old sport”? -Gatsby uses the phrase “old sport” to show he uses English expressions he learned from Oxford
Why does Gatsby want Daisy to see his house? -Gatsby wants to impress Daisy with his grand house
What is revealed when Nick says that people aren’t actually invited to Gatsby’s parties, that they just sort of go there? -people who go to Gatsby’s parties don’t know him or have a personal relationship with him; they just want to have fun, get drunk and spend time with other wealthy people-the guests are all just there for there own benefit
Why is Gatsby dressed in a gold tie and silver shirt? -Gatsby dresses to project an image of success and wealth, because he hopes to attract Daisy
Why does Nick reject Gatsby’s offer of business? -Nick suspects that Gatsby makes his money bootlegging alcohol and Nick doesn’t want to get in trouble-Nick is an honest guy and would rather make his $ honestly and legally
how Gatsby’s house was built? -His house has been built by a brewer to be big and showy
Does Gatsby really believe, as he tells Daisy, that his house is always full of interesting, famous people? -No, he wants her to think that the people that attend his parties are interesting and famous, so Daisy will want to go (give Gatsby chance to see & seduce Daisy)
What is significant about Klipspringer’s song? -the songs theme is that money is not necessary for happiness, which is ironic because Gatsby and Daisy are both enormously wealthy, yet their lives are not happy-also ironic because Gatsby himself has been trapped by the belief that material possessions are absolute requirements to happiness (ex. his big azz house)
What is ironic about Dan Cody? -Cody, like Jay Gatsby, was a self-made man-Gatsby is desperate to learn about how the upper class live and to adopt their ways (to get daisy) and think that Cody is the perf mentor * ironic because Gatsby learns how to be “upper class” from a guy whose origins are distinctly “lower class”*
What parallel is suggested by the fact that Gatsby never gets the inheritance bequeathed to him by Cody? -Gatsby believed in the promise of his inheritance, yet, Dan Cody’s mistress got it instead-this is just as Gatsby believed Daisy would wait for him but she didn’t she went off and married tom
Compare the attitudes of Gatsby and the visiting trio which includes Tom Buchanan. -Gatsby was genuinely pleased and flattered, and the visiting trio was rude and snarky and though that they were “above” Gatsby
What is the irony of Tom’s remark that women run around too much and meet the wrong kind of people? -He is referring to Daisy and Gatsby and saying that Gatsby is from lower class -this is ironic because Tom is running around with Myrtle who is from a low class
What is the meaning of the ladder that Gatsby imagines he saw in the block of the sidewalk? -the ladder symbolizes the social ladder that Gatsby has climbed to get to Daisy
Why does Fitzgerald emphasize the heat? -On a symbolic level, the chapter is a climactic one-the heat symbolizes passions brought to a peak (passions of love, hate, and jealousy)
Why does Gatsby view Daisy’s child with surprise? -To him the past five years have not existed, and he is determined that for Daisy they have not existed either but here is proof that they did.
What is significant about Tom’s inaccuracy about the sun? -He feels like his life is spinning out of controlTom is no longer the center of attention in Daisy’s world, he has witnessed his wife display her love for Gatsby -sun meaning daisy
Contrast the reactions of Nick and Gatsby to Daisy’s voice. -Gatsby says her voice is “full of money” (in a loving way)-Nick thinks Daisy’s voice is indiscreet like the rest of her (carless, stupid)
What is ironic about Tom saying that he has second sight? -second sight means having the ability to see into the future-ironic because if Tom had this ability, he would have seen that Daisy and Gatsby would have an affair
What comparison is made between Wilson and Tom? -Wilson has just found out about his wife affair-Tom has just found out about his wife’s affair as well
Why is Nick so pleased with Gatsby’s honesty about Oxford? -Nick likes Gatsby and is happy that Gatsby is being honest even though it doesn’t look as good
what has increased tom’s hatred for Gatsby? -daisy loves Gatsby and this makes tom mad because tom wants to be a powerful man who gets everything he wants
Why does Tom’s defense of family life and traditional institutions amuse Nick? -tom cheats on his wife he is a hypocrite
Why does Tom insist that Daisy and Gatsby drive home together? -Tom is so confident that Daisy will not choose a bootlegger over him that he suggests they drive off together
in chapter 7 what is nick’s attitude toward Gatsby? -Nick thinks Gatsby is a good person
How does Nick react when he realizes Gatsby is innocent? -He recognizes the unbroken integrity of Gatsby’s behavior & Gatsby’s all consuming loyalty to Daisy-hes happy that it wasn’t Gatsby because he has such a high opinion of Gatsby
How has Gatsby’s house changed? -old musty and uncared for -like there is no purpose to keep up the house now that Daisy is not going to be with him
Why does Daisy’s wealth always remain in the foreground of Gatsby’s feelings and memories of her? -Gatsby understands that wealth is the allure of Daisy-the idea of wealth and high social class will always go along with Gatsby’s idea of Daisy
What was the basis of Daisy’s decision to marry Tom? -toms wealth-she didn’t want to wait anymore and wanted someone in her life
Why does Daisy always seem mysterious to Gatsby? -She represents the upper society he can never really be part of.-Daisy is part of a glamorous, unattainable world that has tremendous allure for Gatsby, but which he doesn’t really understand.
why is it important that nick thanks Gatsby? -Nick is the only one who does thank Gatsby, the rest of the guests really don’t appreciate him or his generosity-Nick was Gatsbys one true friend
What is the significance of Nick’s taking charge of Gatsby’s funeral arrangements? -He has been the only one to appreciate the real Gatsby and to understand the drives that motivated him-Nick was Gatsby’s true friend
Why do Tom and Daisy leave? -they always leave -they are the type of people who leave when things get tough but don’t face there problems head on
What is the significance of Mr. Gatz’s arrival? -mr. gatz is Gatsbys dad-He cares for his son
What is the significance of the owl-eyed man’s attendance at the funeral? -owl eyed man is like god who watches over everything-god is at Gatsby’s funeral watching over
Why does Nick finally shake hands with Tom? -Nick thinks that there is no need to hold a grudge

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