Great Gatsby chapters 6 & 7

How did Dan Cody make his money? copper in Montana
What is inferred about Dan Cody’s death? his wife Ella Kaye visited him on the yacht and he died a week later; inferred that she killed him
Why didn’t Gatsby drink? he was around Dan Cody who drank a lot
What kind of people were at Gatsby’s party? famous people
How did Gatsby introduce Tom at the party? as the polo player
What did Gatsby call other men? old sport
How did Gatsby reply when Nick said you can’t repeat the past? Of course you can!
Why did Gatsby dismiss all his servants? He didn’t want them to gossip; Daisy visited often in the afternoons.
Who did everyone think Tom was talking to on the phone? his girlfriend
What did Daisy do while Tom was out of the room? kissed Gatsby
Who does Daisy say that Pammy looke like? her, not Tom
What did Daisy suggest to the group after they ate lunch? that they go to the town
What did Tom bring on the trip to the town? a bottle of whiskey
What color was Gatsby’s car? yellow with green leather seats
What does Tom realize when Daisy goes with Gatsby in the coupe? that they’re having an affair
What does Wilson want to buy from Tom? his old car
Where did the group spend the afternoon in town? at a hotel room in the Plaza
What event was occurring below them in the hotel? a wedding
What confrontation occurred in the hotel? Tom accused Gatsby of having a relationship with Daisy
What does Gatsby want Daisy to say about their relationship? Gatsby wants Daisy to tell Tom she never loved him, but she can’t
Who was Michaelis? a Greek who owned the coffee shop next to Wilson; he was the first to reach Myrtle after the accident and was a witness
How did Myrtle die? She ran out into the road, and Daisy hit her while driving Gatsby’s yellow car.
What color was Tom’s coupe? blue
Who did Tom think was driving the car that hit Myrtle? Gatsby
Why does Gatsby wait outside the Buchanan’s house all night after the accident? He wants to make sure that Tom doesn’t hurt Daisy.
What do Daisy and Tom do that evening after the accident? They sit at the kitchen table and talk. Tom puts his hand on Daisy’s. Nick thinks they don’t look happy, but they don’t look unhappy together.

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