great gatsby chapter 9

When nick goes to find tom and Daisy to tell them that Gatsby died…where were they? Daisy and Tom left town and took their suitcases.
How do we know Gatsby is a lonely man? After his death, no one came to the house. It was not until the third day that his dad showed up.
who arrived on the third day after Gatsby died? Mr. Gatz, his father
What does GAtsby’s dad look like? He is a frail man. He looks weak and is not educated, and he does not rich
When Klipsinger calls the house, what does he ask Nick to do? Send his shoes by way of a butler. He tells him he can not make the funeral.
Wolfsheim says he and Gatsby were always together but can not come to the funeral. why? Because he can not be seen at a funeral where someone has been murdered
how do we know Gatsby’s dad was proud of him? he is very impressed by Gatsby’s beautiful home and everything he owns. He also bought his dad a house.
Who actually came to the funeral for Gatsby? Nick, the minister, and Gatsby’s dad
Who shows up at the cemetery? Owl eyes
Where does Nick go after the funeral? He decides to go home
Who does Nick go to see before he leaves for home? Jordan Baker. He acknowledges he may have loved her, but needs to go home.
When Nick runs into Tom in Chicago, what does Tom admit to? That he told George that Gatsby owned the car that killed his wife
Was Tom justified in telling George that Gatsby owned the car? NO. Tom knew that George had a gun and was ready to use it. Tom thinks that Gatsby was a bad person and he was mad his wife was having an affair with him. So, in Tom’s mind it was ok that George killed Gatsby
What does the Green light mean? It represents Gatby’s perfect dream of the future.

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