Great Gatsby Chapter 7-8 Comprehension

Why does Gatsby view Daisy’s child as a surprise? He was unaware, or in disbelief that anything had happened or changed with Daisy since he had gone off to war.
What did Wilson discover?Why is it ironic? Wilson discovered that Myrtle is cheating on him, and has been cheating on him with someone else. Wilson tells Tom that they are moving out of town. This is ironic because Tom is actually the one hooking up with Myrtle.
What has increased Tom’s hatred for Gatsby? Gatsby is from the West Egg, meaning that he is unimportant to society, and he is suspected to have earned his money illegally. He also learns that Gatsby is “friends” with Daisy.
Why does Tom refer to intermarriage between Gatsby and Daisy He claims that Gatsby and Daisy are not meant to be. This is because Daisy is from the East and Gatsby is from the West.
Why does Tom insist Daisy and Gatsby drive home together? Tom knows that Daisy will come back to him eventually because Gatsby’s low status, so he is taunting Gatsby
Why did Daisy want to Marry Tom? She married Tom because Gatsby had been off to war at the time, and she thought that Tom was a very respectable and wealthy man.
How does Nick leave Gatsby? Gatsby says farewell to Nick as Nick leaves to go back into the city to try and live a somewhat normal life. He then comes back to Gatsby’s house after he receives the news that Gatsby has been shot dead in his pool.
What happened to Gatsby’s house after Daisy leaves? Gatsby’s house suddenly becomes barren and empty. It now feels enormous and dirty now that there is no “life” (Daisy) in it to share it with.
What ultimately happens to Gatsby? Gatsby is shot by George Wilson.
Why did George Wilson shoot Gatsby? He shoots Gatsby because he thinks that he is the one who is having an affair with Myrtle and who also killed Myrtle.
What ultimately happens to Wilson? Wilson shoots himself after shooting Gatsby.
Why did Gatsby fire his servants? He didn’t want them to Gatsby when Daisy came over.

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