Great Gatsby Chapter 4

In this chapter, we discover more about Gatsby from three different sources. First, we hear Gatsby himself telling of his past- coming from a wealthy, Midwestern family, going to Oxford, spending his youth in the capitals of Europe, and emerging from the war as an heroic officer. Do you believe this version of Gatsby’s background? Does Nick believe him? Yes; Nick believes him because of his proof.
Secondly, we meet Meyer Wolfsheim, a man who will give us another opinion of Gatsby. Who is this man? What is his opinion of Gatsby? Does his opinion clarify or confuse your own assement of Gatsby? Explain. He is a Jew, a gambler, and a friend of Gatsby; he thinks Gatsby is a very nice man and is hard to come by; his opinion clarifies mine because I think that Gatsby is a unique man
Finally, we hear Jordan Baker’s story about Gatsby’s early romance. What is this story? Gatsby and Daisy were a thing until Gatsby had to leave to go to war. Then Daisy didn’t play around with soldiers any more and got married to Tom in Chicago.
What has Daisy’s life been like since her romance with Gatsby? She is mad about Tom, her husband and she is miserable
Why does Gatsby throw parties? Why did he buy this particular house? He bought his house because Daisy’s is just around the bay; he throws parties because he was hoping that Daisy would wander in one night.
What request does Gatsby make of Nick through Jordan? He wants Nick to invite Daisy over to his house and let him come over
Now that you know more about Gatsby, how do you feel and what do you think about him? Why? I think that he is a shy but respectful person because he was too scared to invite Daisy over himself but he respectfully asked Nick if he would invite Daisy over and let him come along.

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