great gatsby chapter 2 test answers

what is the valley of ashes literally? what is it symbolically? literally desolate area and a trash dump. symbolically it was the waste land of hope ideas
who or what is Dr. T.J Eckleburg? what is it symbolically? eye doctor. god watching over u
Describe George Wilson. How does he react to Tom’s arrival? He’s a mechanic in the valley of ashes. He is happy to see Tom because he is trying to buy a car from him to fix up and sell. He needs the money.
what items does myrtle purchase in the city. “Town Tattle” magazine, cold cream, perfume, and a puppy.
what is the significant about myrtle’s questioning whether the dog is a boy or girl? Myrtle cannot talk about the gender’s of the dog but she’s having an affair
who is catherine? sister of myrtle
what effects does the change of dress have on myrtle She is transformed as vitality changes to “impressive hauteur.” Chapter 2
how does myrtle talk about the help at the hotel like she’s better than them
what rumor has catherine heard about Gatsby heard and repeated that Gatsby once killed a man and that he was a German spy & joined the army just to spy on the Americans.
how does catherine explain to Nick the affair of Myrtle and tom Daisy is Catholic and refuses to give Tom a divorce.
what does the scene in new york apartment reveal about tom? about myrtle? Tom is aggressive, abusive, and violent.Mrytle is clingy cheap, worse.
does nick enjoy the afternoon at the apartment in new york? what or why not No he does not because the scene shows immoral and judgmental people that go against his set of values.
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