Great Gatsby Chapter 1

What advice did Nick Carraway’s father give him that stuck with him? Don’t judge people with different opportunities.
What business did the Carraway’s have since “fifty-one”? Wholesale hardware business
Who does Nick Carraway supposedly look like? His great uncle
What business does he (Nick) decide to learn? Bonds
Where did Nick decide to live? West Egg (Long Island)
Who was his neighbor? Jay Gatsby
How does Nick know Daisy? Daisy is Nick’s 2nd cousin once removed
Who is Tom Buchanan? What is he know for? Daisy’s husband; a powerful football player at New Haven
What does Tom “drift on forever seeking”? “the dramatic turbulence of a football game.”
Who is Jordan Baker? What sport does she play? Daisy’s friend and Tom’s love interest; golf
What scandal is Tom involved in? He is cheating on Daisy with a woman in New York
What does Daisy compare Nick to as he sits at her table? A rose.
What did Daisy say when her daughter was born? “All right. I’m glad its a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool.”
What rumor had Daisy and Tom heard about Nick? That he was engaged.
Who did Nick see out one the dock? Gatsby

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