Grade 9 English + Twelfth night study notes

Plot The severity of events and the order they happen.
Characters Real or fictitious people who are in the story
Setting The time and place that a story happens. Weather, social conditions, mood/atmosphere
Theme A series of events that take place in a story.
Twelfth night setting Illyria, Between 1600-1602
Twelfth night themes Unrequited love, uncertainty of gender
Twelfth night plot Orsino loves Olivia but she cannot love him because she is mourning the loss of her brother for 7 years. A shipwreck occurs on the Illyrian shore, Viola and the captain create a disguise so Viola can work for Orsino. Viola becomes Cesario. Viola thinks Sebastian is dead. Cesario quickly becomes Orsino’s favourite who then makes Cesario his page. Orsino sends Cesario to deliver a message of Orsino’s love message to Olivia, who realizes she loves Cesario. Love triangle= Viola<Orsino, Orsino<Olivia, Olivia<Cesario. Sir Toby, Fabian, Sir Andrew, Feste and Maria are tired of Malvolio always constant efforts to spoil their fun. Maria devises a plan to make Malvolio think Olivia loves him. Addressed to M.O.A.I. Which leads Malvolio to believe it is for him. Maria had the same handwriting as Olivia so it worked out pretty well. The letter tells him, if he wants to earn her favour, dress in yellow stockings and crossed garters, act haughtily, smile a lot and don't explain yourself to anyone. He does as the letter tells him to do and Olivia comes in and thinks he's crazy. Sebastian gets to Illyria thinking Viola is dead. He is with his friend Antonio who really cares about him and follows him back to Orsino's kingdom even though him and Antonio are enemies. Sir Andrew saw how Olivia loved Cesario and challenged him to a duel, Sir toby was entertained by this so he cheered Andrew on. They see Sebastian and think it's Cesario because of his looks and fight him. Olivia comes in and asks sebastian to marry her thinking it's Cesario. Sebastian see's how beautiful and rich she is and agrees. Orison's guards arrest Antonio, as he's being taken away he see's cesario, thinking it's sebastian begs him to tell the guards he knows him. Cesura doesn't and Antonio becomes resentful of Sebastian. Viola thinks her brother is alive. The gang that pranked Malvolio, take him into a dark room to examine if he's insane. Fest dresses up as Sir Topas, a priest, and declares Malvolio insane. Sir toby thinks of an idea for Malvolio to write a letter to Olivia to request release. Olivia marries Sebastian, Orsino falls in love with Viola after her reveal of her true identity. Rosin asks Viola to marry him. Sir Toby and Maria have been secretly married the whole time. Someone remembers Malvolio is still in the dark room so someone lets him out and they reveal the prank. Malvolio leaves and the land of Illyria is happy!
Who says “if music be the food of love, play on” Orsino

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