Grade 11 the crucible act one and two

what is wrong with Betty Parris? she is unconscious, she was in a coma like state
how does Tituba react to Betty’s condition? she is worried and afraid she will get blamed for
what news does Susanna bring from the doctor? it must be because of unnatural causes
what rumor is circulating about Betty? people see her flying around town
how did Abigail initially defend the girl’s behavior in the woods? they were just playing
why is Reverend Parris so worried about his reputation? he is worried that if witchcraft is in his house then they will try to get rid of him
what did Parris see in the woods? saw somebody running naked in the woods and a dress on the ground
what does Abigail claim is the reason she was discharged from the Proctor household? she refused to be Mrs Proctor’s slave (Goody Proctor)
in what condition is Ruth Putman? she is in the same condition as Betty
briefly describe Thomas Putman. always seeking ways to get people in trouble, selfish, greedy
why did Mrs. Putman enlist Tituba’s help? she wanted to contact her spirits of her miscarriage babies
why did Abigail drink blood? she drank a charm to kill Mrs Proctor (Goody Proctor)
how does Abigail threaten the other girls ? she will come and kill them
briefly describe John Proctor. he is a farmer, he is very morally upright, he had an affair with Abigail
what happens when John and Abigail are left alone? they flurt, Abigail tries to seduce John but he refuses
what does Rebecca Nurse say about Betty and Ruth’s sickness? their playing, their children
why is Reverend Parris dissatisfied with his job in Salem? he felt he was not getting paid enough, and not enough respect
about what are Proctor and Putnam fighting? their fighting over a claiming of land
describe Reverend Hale. for what reason has he been called to Salem? expert in witchcraft, and came to see if their is really a witch
what is Giles Corey’s complaint about his wife? she reads strange books
why does Tituba finally “confess” ? what do you think of her actions? what do you think will happen as a result ? to save herself. others will be hanged.
Why do you think the girls begin their accusations when they could have just let Tituba take the blame for everything? what does the girls’ behavior tell you about the youth of Salem? there so caught up in the drama and starting to believe in it. the youth of the Salem will make bad decisions.
what is the mood at the beginning of Act Two? why? very tense; John had an affair with Abby
what do we learn about John and Elizabeth’s relationship at the beginning of the act? their relationship is on the mend because she is being cold to him
what does Mary give Elizabeth? poppet (doll)
what news does Mary Warren bring from the court? Elizabeth’s name was mentioned. She is being accused.
what does Elizabeth mean when she says: ” Oh, the noose, the noose is up!” They had begun to hang people
what does Elizabeth want John to do in town? what will everyone find out if he does this? ??? to say they (girls ) were lying
why has Reverend Hale come to the Proctor house? he needs to question the proctors about the witch trials
to what is John referring when he says: “… it tells me that a minister may pray to God without he have golden candlesticks upon the alter.” he is money hungry
what does Hale ask John to do? what happens? recite the 10 commandments he forgot Thou shall not commit addultry
what is ironic about this omission he had an affair
what news do Giles Corey and Frances Nurse tell John Proctor? they have been arrested about their wives
on what basis are they accused? Marthy Quar reading strange books, Rebecca nurse killed Mrs.Putty babies theydied at child birth
what is the significance of the poppet? how does this serve as “proof” for Elizabeth’s accusation? there was a needle in the poppet. Abby stabbed herself in the stomach to look like witchcraft
what does John mean when he says “I’ll tell you what’s walking in Salem-vengeance is walking in Salem”? ???

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