Ghost Lines (Hamlet Q1)

Ham: Ile go no farther, whither wilt thou leade me? Ghost: Marke me.
Ham: I will. Ghost: I am thy fathers spirit, doomd for a timeTo walke the night, and all the dayConfinde in flaming fire,Till the foule crimes done in my dayes of NatureAre purged and burnt away.
Ham: Alas poore Ghost. Ghost:Nay pitty me not, but to my vnfoldingLend thy listning eare, but that I am forbidTo tell the secrets of my prison houseI would a tale vnfold, whose lightest wordWould harrow vp thy soule, freeze thy yong blood,Make thy two eyes like stars start from their spheres,Thy knotted and combined locks to part,And each particular haire to stand on endLike quils vpon the fretfull Porpentine,But this same blazon must not be, to eares of flesh and bloodHamlet, if euer thou didst thy deere father loue.
Ham: O God. Ghost: Reuenge his foule, and most vnnaturall murder:
Ham: Murder. Ghost: Yea, murder in the highest degree,As in the least tis bad,But mine most foule, beastly, and vnnaturall.
Ham. … weepe to my reuenge.sor the thought of it, may Ghost:O I finde thee apt, and duller shouldst thou beThen the fat weede which rootes it selfe in easeOn Lethe wharffe: briefe let me be.Tis giuen out, that sleeping in my orchard,A Serpent stung me; so the whole eare of DenmarkeIs with a forged Prosses of my death rankely abusde:But know thou noble Youth: he that did stingThy fathers heart, now weares his Crowne.
Ham. O my prophetike soule, my vncle! my vncle! Ghost:Yea he, that incestuous wretch, wonne to his will (with gifts,O wicked will, and gifts! that haue the powerSo to seduce my most seeming vertuous Queene,But vertne, as it neuer will be moued,Though Lewdnesse court it in a shape of heauen,So Lust, thought to a radiant angle linckt,Would fate it selfe from a celestiall bedde,And prey on garbage: but soft, me thinkesI sent the mornings ayre, briefe let me be,Sleeping within my Orchard, my custome alwayesIn the after noone, vpon my secure houreThy vncle came, with iuyce of Hebona
Ham. O my prophetike soule, my vncle! my vncle! (Cont) In a viall, and through the porches of my earesDid powre the leaprous distilment, whose effectHold such an enmitie with blood of man,That swift as quickesilner, it posteth throughThe naturall gates and allies of the body,And turnes the thinne and wholesome bloodLike eager dropings into milke.And all my smoothe body, barked, and tetterd ouer.Thus was I sleeping by a brothers handOf Crowne, of Queene, of life, of dignitieAt once depriued, no reckoning made of,But sent vnto my graue,With all my accompts and sinnes vpon my head,O horrible, most horrible!
Ham: O God! (after “O horrible, most horrible!”) Ghost:If thou hast nature in thee, beare it not,But howsoeuer, let not thy heartConspire against thy mother aught,Leaue her to heauen,And to the burthen that her conscience beares.I must be gone, the Glo-worme shewes the MartinTo be neere, and gin’s to pale his vneffectuall fire:Hamlet adue, adue, adue: remember me.
Ham. Nay vpon my sword, indeed vpon my sword. Ghost: Sweare.Ham: Sweare by my sword.Ghost: Sweare.Ham: Of that which you haue seene, sweare by my sword.Ghost: Sweare.Ham: At your most need helpe you, sweare.Ghost: Sweare.
Ham. Forgoe their proper powers, and fall to pitty. Ghost:Hamlet, I once againe appeare to thee,To put thee in remembrance of my death:Doe not neglect, nor long time put it off.But I perceiue by thy distracted lookes,Thy mother’s fearefull, and she stands amazde:Speake to her Hamlet, for her sex is weake,Comfort thy mother, Hamlet, thinke on me.

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