Ghost Hamlet

Hamlet three fold antithesis Be thou spirit or goblin damned, wicked or charitable, heaven or blasts from hell
Uncertainty May be the devil … hath power to assume a pleasing shape
Hamlet’s reaction to Ghost sick at heart
Hamlet being forced by the Ghost prompted to revenge by heaven and hell
Inherant contradictions commandment…murder most foul…purgatory
Ghost context The Ghost contributes to Hamlet’s religious concerns – Theological problem about the Ghosts origin, Ethical problem about his command for revenge
Ghost relation to military and impending Denmark Fair and warlike form
more religious imagery from the Ghost the serpent that did sting thy father life/now he is king
Marcellus referring to appearance of ghost ‘Tis strange – heavily truncated + comedic
Another contradiction referrring to rot and corruption Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder! – “foul” and “unnatural” are used many times
A production which links Ghost and Hamlet 2001 RSC both dressed in purple
Zevrelli production Hamlet holds the hilt of the sword as a cross

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