Genji, Don Quixote, Hamlet

Lady Dulcinea is.. a farm girl from a neighborhood village that is named lady Dulcinea when Quixote proclaims she is his lady
What do the characters of Genji and DQ have in common? the both seek meaning in a world that does not provide any guarantee of meaning
Who dubs DQ a knight? Amadis of Gaul
The interupted battled between DQ and the Biscayan is an example of.. metafiction
metafiction self reference to a text’s artificiality or literariness. A work that acknowledges itself as fiction
why is genjis relationship w Murasaki frowned upon? she is much younger than him
miyabi aesthetic pleasure that only the refined could appreciate
why is genji sent into exhile caught having an affair with the emperor’s consort
an example of an onryo Lady Rokujo becomes a spirit in her dreams and haunts Genji’s wife
mono no aware a sensitivity to ephemeraan understanding of the impermanence of lifeappreciation of beauty but sad recognition of impermanence
differences between an epic and novel a world where meaning is immanent vs a world where meaning must be foundwholeness vs fragmentationexistence = essence vs gap between existence (mere fact of living) and essence (what this means)epic hero simply acts, little to no character development (stagnant) vs the main character seeks and is constantly becoming
monogatari genre: long prose narrative with many subdivisions
karma action, all good and bad that leads to future consequences
samsara the endless cycle of birth, mundane existence
mono no ke a spirit that possesses individuals and makes them suffer
ikiryo spirit of a living person, not under the control of that person, that can possess and harm people to whom it is hostile
onryo vengeful spirit, “grudge”
uncanny the feeling experienced when something familiar has become unfamiliar and menacing
otium idleness, leisure time in which one can enjoy eating, resting, thinking; a time when one is free to contemplate
picaresque novel long prose narrative featuring a roguish character of lower social class living by his or her wits
narrative foil fictional character who contracts another character to bring certain qualities to light
quixotic of action, attribute, idea; characteristic appropriate to Don Quixote; motivated by exaggerated notions of chivalry and romanticism; naively idealistic
self-fashioning constructing one’s identity and public persona according to a set of socially acceptable standards
satire diminishing a subject by making it ridiculous and using it to evoke amusement. A comedic tool of criticism
parody a work modeled on and imitating another work, especially in which the characteristic style and themes of an author/genre are satirized by being applied to inappropriate or unlikely subjects
dramatic irony when a reader/audience member knows more of whats going on than a character
dialogism the use in a text of different tones or viewpoints whose interaction or contradiction is important to the text’s interpretation
elements of Shakespearean comedy plot twists (peripeteia)mistaken identitieslovers overcoming obstaclescomplex web of desireends w/ wedding
elements of Shakespearean history real English historical figure as protagonistpatrioticmostly dramatizes the 100 years war
elements of Shakespearean tragedy conventions of classic tragedythemes of vengeance/cyclical violenceends in death
differences between classical and shakespearean tragedy unity of time/place/action vs disjointed in time/setting/actionall of the upper class vs mixed array of classesdeath often happens offstage/is not particularly bloody vs lots of blood and violenceeach side is equally justifiable by negating the other vs hamlet is right and claudius is a dick
revenge tragedy conventions main character is motivated by a desire to avenge grievancesa vengeful ghostone+ gory scenesa play w/in a playscenes portraying the main characters madness
ecstasy in the context of Hamlet of a different statenot necessarily the religious or psychedelic ecstasy, but a different state of mind that reveals truths
how “the state of denmark” is used both to discuss the country itself, the royal leaders, and its political atmosphere
King’s two bodies body natural (physical body) and body politic (cannot be seen or handled, consists of policy and govt)
melancholy 4 humors: yellow bile, blood, black bile, mucusmelancholy is when there is too much black bile so a person is introspective and sentimental
versimilitude truth seeming/resemblance to a true situation

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