Gatsby Chapter:5 Discussion Questions and Answers

What does Gatsby propose that offends Nick? Gatsby offers to return the favor of making arrangements with Daisy by offering Nick a rather lucrative business deal. Nick refuses. He doesn’t want to be “bought.”
How does the meeting with Daisy affect Gatsby? He literally glows with a new well-being.
How does Nick catch Gatsby in a lie? Gatsby says he earned his money. Earlier he said he inherited it.
Discuss the three emotional states Gatsby moves through upon meeting Daisy again. Gatsby was at first embarrassed and felt awkward, then filled with joy, and finally consumed with wonder.
Why do you think Daisy cries when she sees all of Gatsby’s beautiful shirts? She may be crying over the “lost years” the accumulation of shirts represents, or she may simply be so materialistic that the sight of the expensive clothing brings her to tears of joy.
Why is Klipsringer unable to refuse Gatsby’s request that he play the piano? Klipspringer is a non-paying self-invited “boarder” at Gatsby’s. He apparently felt either an obligation to grant his hot’s wish, or a fear that he might be asked to leave if he didn’t.
Why is the song “Ain’t we got Fun?” both appropriate and ironic? The song is about the rich and the poor, as is the novel. More importantly, it shows that society as a whole during this time was most interested in “having fun.” Even though this is a solemn and romantic occasion, one which Gatsby has imagined for five years, the tune played by Klipspringer is rather artificial and shallow.
This chapter is often seen as the beginning of Gatsby’s downfall. Offer suggestions as to how this might be true. Gatsby cannot see that Daisy is not like his idealized dream of her. Nick notes that Gatsby seems to “run down” like an overwound clock. The “colossal significance” of the green light is now vanished; the realization of the dream has begun, and there is no going back to the safety of fantasy, where one is totally in control.

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