Freshman romeo and juliet act 5

what does romeo plan to do when he hears the news of Juliet’s death he asks balthazar to hire him a horse to get back to verona and kill himself in the tomb next to juliet using a posion bought from the drug dealer
why dosent friar lawrence’s letter reach romeo on time on the way to deliver the letter friar john stops at a house full of people with the plague and is not allowed to leave.
why is paris at juliet’s grave, how does paris react to seeing romeo, romeo to paris. and does romeo honor his last wish paris is at juliets grave to give her flowers and mourn. paris thinks romeo is there to mess with the bodies and gets very angry and says he will aprehend him. romeo tells him he is only there to kill himself and ask him to leave him alone. romeo and paris fight each other and romeo kills paris. paris’s last wish is to be laid with juliet and romeo honors it
what does the friar suggest to juliet after romoe dies become a nun
what does juliet do when she awakes to romeo dead takes romeos dagger and stabs herself in the chest
how does lady montague die over her greaf over romeos banishemnt
who tells what happened the past few days before the death of romeo and juleit and how is what they say backed up friar tells it and its backed up with a letter written by romeo to his father explaining the whole situation
who pays for the death of romeo and juliet everyone because rhey all played some part in the death of romeo and juliet. they are punished through the death of romoe and juliet
list alll the characters who die in the order they die 1. mercutio 2. tybalt 3. paris 4. romeo 5. juliet 6. lady montague
how does romeo justify his purchase of posion from the apocathary he is poor and he needs the money
what is the result of the death of romeo and juliets death capulets and montagues finally stop fighting

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