Frankenstein: Volume 2

What does Victor’s guilt lead to? Renewed sickness
What does Victor do at his family’s vacation house? Takes his boat on night rides
What calms Victor’s grief? seeing beautiful nature with his family
Who does Victor see when he climbs alone up the Swiss glacier? the monster
How does the creature address Victor’s hatred? (77) Oh, Frankenstein, be not equitable to every other, and trample upon me alone, to whom thy justice, and even thy clemency and affection, is most due. Remember, that I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed. Every where I see bliss, from which I alone am irrevocably excluded. I was benevolent and good; misery made me a fiend . Make me happy, and I shall again be virtuous.”
How does Victor respond to the monster’s eloquent olive branch? He calls him mean names and tells him to go away
Does the monster remember his early days well? no they are foggy and fuzzy due to his overwhealmed senses. He acted animalistically during this time
How does the monster intially react to fire (an abandoned one left by wandering beggars_? He likes it and thinks its warm so thrusts his hand in and gets burned. He later takes care so (his light and heat)it does not go out.
Where does the monster search for food and shelter and what does he find? He looks for civilization and finds a little hut who’s inhabitant he scares away
How do the civilized humans react to the monster? with fear
What does the monster do once he finds a mean shelter? observes the family in the cottage adjoined to it unbeknownst to them
How is the old man disabled and how thus does he spend his time? He is blind and spends time making music
Why is the monster’s family sad? Because of poverty
Does the monster do anything to help his family? Yes at night he sometiems does chores or clears snow and the family thinks they have a good spirit
Who is Safie? Felix’s musical Arabian lover. Her father was a Turkish merchant who was jailed due to Islamaphobia. Her mother was a Christian arab.
Who is Agatha? Delacy’s daughter, a beautiful once fine lady reduced to poverty
Who is Felix? Delacy’s son, he tried to help Safie’s father when he was jailed because he didn’t like the unfairness
Did the monster or Safie learn the language faster? the monster
What does Felix’s discussion of cilization bring up in the monster? That he has been treated unfairly by his father, Victor and as less than a man by the villagers
Who is DeLacey? A blind once affluent Parisian frenchman
How did Felix and Family save Safie’s father? What was their betrayal like? They stole him away out of prison to Italy, but when the plot was discovered, Agatha and Delacy were stuck in jail. When Felix went to France to free them, he had the Turk (who loathed his daughter marrying a Christian) promise to let Safie stay at a convent until Felix’s return. The Turk did not like this and planned a rendevous with his daughter were he left first and she would follow with a faithful servant. Safie instead found a way to move to where Felix was.
What books did the monster find and read in the portanmeu? Paradise Lost, Sorrows of Werter and Plutarch’s Lives
Who in Paradise Lost does the monster compare himself to? Adam (pg. 105)
How does the monster first attempt to make friends with the family he watchs? Through Delacy, the blind old man
How does the monster’s interaction with Delacy go? He speaks to him in French and presents his situation to him without telling Delacy that the family of which he speaks is his own. Delacy gives him advice and offers help, Felix then comes in and beats the monster up.
What does the monster do after being rejected by his family? Where does he plan to go after? Goes into the woods to rage and be unhappy. He wants to go back and reconcile with them, but finds that they are leaving because Felix is afraid after the monster’s visit. Afterwards he plans to find Victor.
What happens when the monster saves a girl from drowning? Her father shoots him
How did the monster come to discover and kill William? He found him wandering and wanted a friend and William threatened him (thinking he wanted to eat him) with his father and the monster recognized the Frankenstein name, so killed him.
What is the monster’s motivation for his murders of those connected to Frankenstein? to make him feel the same pain he feels.
What does the monster, as Adam asked G-d, ask Victor for? a mate
Why does Victor intially deny the monster a mate? Because he thinks that the monster is evil and does not want him to have another to propigate evil with
What are the monster’s plans for his future life with his mate? To live away from and not interact with humans in harmless happiness in South AMerica
What are Victor’s requirements for the monster if he makes the female? That the monster leaves Europe in exile
After Victor returns from meeting with the monster, how does he feel? miserable and dejected. But he is calm.

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