Frankenstein Vocab Ch 1-10

Syndics A government official in various countries.”My ancestors had been for many years counselors an syndics”
Indefatigable persisting, tireless. “He was respected by all who knew him for his integrity and indefatigable attention to public business.”
Recompensing Make amends to (someone) for loss or harm suffered; compensate.”Recompensing her for the sorrows she had endured.”
Benevolent Well meaning and kindly.”In her soft and benevolent mind”
Hitherto Until now or until the point in time under discussion.”Even the tranquility of her hitherto constant spirit.”
Disconsolate Without consolation or comfort; unhappy”During one of their walks a poor cot in the foldings of a vale attracted their notice as being singularly disconsolate.”
Reverential Of the nature of, due to, or characterized by reverence.”The passionate and almost reverential attachment with which all regarded her became.
Aerial Existing, happening, or operating in the air.”she busied herself with following the aerial creations of the poets.”
Campagne A country house.”We possessed a house in Geneva, and a campagne on Belrive.
Sepulchre Burial chamber: a chamber that is used as a grave.”The chivalrous train who shed their blood to redeem the holy sepulchral from the hands of the infidels.”
Caprice A sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior.”We felt that they were not the tyrants to rule our lot according to their caprice.”
Filial Of or due from a son or daughter.”I distinctly discerned how peculiarly fortunate my lot was, and gratitude assisted the development of filial love.”
Vehement Showing strong feeling; forceful, passionate, or intense.”My temper was sometimes violent, and my passions vehement.”
Celestial Positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy.”Her soft voice, the sweet glance of her celestial eyes.”
Semblance The outward appearance or apparent form of something, esp. when the reality is different.”But that she was there to subdue me to a semblance of her own gentleness.”
Beneficence Doing good; feeling beneficent.”Had she not unfolded to him the real loveliness of beneficence and made the doing good the end and aim of his soaring ambition.
Insensible Without one’s mental faculties, typically as a result of violence or intoxication.”I also record those events which led, by insensible steps.
Predilection A preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something.”I desire, in this narration, to state those facts which led to my predilection for that science.”
Chimerical Created by or as if by a wildly fanciful imagination.”Because the powers of the latter were chimerical.”
Embued To inspire or influence thoroughly.”I have described myself as always having been embued with a fervent longing to penetrate the secrets of nature.”
Lineaments A distinctive feature or characteristic, esp. of the face.”He had partially unveiled the face of nature, but her immoral lineaments were still a wonder and a mystery.”
Citadel A fortress, typically on high ground, protecting or dominating a city.”I had gazed upon the fortifications and impediments that seemed to keep human beings from entering the citadel of nature.”
Repined Feel or express discontent; fret.” had gazed upon the fortifications and impediments that seemed to keep human beings from entering the citadel of nature, and rashly and ignorantly I had repined.”
Preceptors A teacher or instructor.”Under the guidance of my new preceptors..”
Fidelity Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.”I attributed the failure rather to my own inexperience and mistake than to a want of skill or fidelity in my instructors.”
Malignity Malevolence: wishing evil to others.”Her watchful attentions triumphed over the malignity of the distemper.”
Omnipotent (of a deity) Having unlimited power; able to do anything.”The Angel of Destruction, which asserted omnipotent sway over me from the moment I turned my reluctant steps from my father’s door.”
Imbibed Drink “Which you have so greedily imbibed.”
Reprobated (reprobate) a person without moral scruples.”For I have said that I had long considered those authors useless whom the professor reprobated.”
Panegyric A public speech or published text in praise of someone or something.”He concluded with a panegyric upon modern chemistry.”
Insurrection A violent uprising against an authority or government.”My internal being was in a state of insurrection and turmoil.”
Mein The air or manner of a person as expressive of personality or mood.”For there was a certain dignity in his mein.”
Zeal Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.”These were men to whose indefatigable zeal modern philosophers were indebted for most of the foundation of their knowledge.”
Erroneously Mistakenly: in a mistaken manner”The labors of men of genius,however erroneously directed.”

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