Frankenstein V3 C1-2

Why does Victor want to go to England? He wants to go to England to create a companion for the creature; Victor must continue his studies and learn about the new scientific discoveries that were made in England
Why does Alphonse want Victor to marry Elizabeth? Alphonse realizes that his son is depressed; he hopes the marriage will make him happy.
How long does Victor plan to be away from Geneva? Victor plans to be away for two years.
What does Victor take with him on his trip? At the last minute, Victor remembers to pack his chemical instruments.
What poem does Victor quote from as he describes the beautiful scenery on his trip? Victor quotes from Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey.”
In London, why does Clerval remind Victor of his “former self”? Victor says Clerval is “inquisitive, and anxious to gain experience and instruction.” He reminds Victor of himself when he was young and enthusiastic.
Why does Victor agree to go to Scotland? Although he “abhorred society” and doesn’t want to visit any new friends, Victor is anxious to see mountains and streams again, and to be in a natural setting.
How does Victor feel when he and Henry visit Hampden’s tomb? For a moment, Victor forgets his troubles. He feels free, filled with a “lofty spirit” as he recalls Hampden’s heroic deeds.
While he is traveling in Scotland, what does Victor fear the creature might do? Victor is afraid the creature will kill his family in Geneva, although he also thinks the creature is following him.
To what islands does Victor travel in Scotland? Victor goes to the Orkney Islands to begin working on the companion for the creature.

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