Frankenstein unit test study guide

Robert Walton The explorer the arctic who comes across Frankenstein
Margarete Saville Robert’s sister. Robert writes to her detailing the events that transpire on the voyage and Victor’s story.
Alphonse Frankenstein Victor’s father, he is very sympathetic to his son. He falls ill and dies after the shock of elizabeths death.
Caroline Beaufort Alphonse married her after her father died. She is Victor’s mother. She died of scarlet fever after taking care of Elizabeth who had it when victor was 17 and about to leave for Ingolstadt
Henry Clerval Victors best friend since child hood he gets killed by the creature.
Elizabeth Lavenza The orphan child taken in by the Frankenstein family and lovingly raised with Victor. Elizabeth later becomes Victor’s wife and is killed by the monster on their honeymoon. She is a champion for the poor and underpriviledged.
Mr. DeLacy The blind, old cottager. The Creature comes and tries to explain his horrible situation to him.
Felix DeLacy The son of Mr. DeLacy. One of the cottagers. When he walks in on the Creature speaking to Mr. DeLacy, he kicks him out and beats him.
Safie The women that Felix loves. She comes to visit the cottagers.
Justine Moritz a young girl adopted into the Frankenstein family. She is blamed and executed for Williams murder which was actually committed by the monster.
William Frankenstein Victor’s youngest brother who is strangled by the monster in order to hurt Victor for abandoning him.
Also Who is Prometheus? What us the subtitle of the Novel? Which Character in the novel does the subtitle refer to? He was a man from a story where he stole fire from the gods to give to man.
a. Review your fill-in-the blank notes ladled “Romantic Era Notes” and answer the following : i. What was Mary Shelley’s link to the British Romantic poets? Marry Shelly married Percy Bysshe Shelley a British, romantic poet
ii. What are the dates for the era of the British romantic poetry? 1750-1850
iii. List two poets of the “Big Six” in British romantic poetry. George GordonPercy Bysshe Shelley
iv. Look over the list of 7 ideologies that guided romantic poets. List 2 ideologies that are reflected, at least to some degree, in the novel Frankenstein. (For the test be prepared yo explain how they are reflected in the story 1.Emotion is emphasized over rationalism2.Sublime is naturally found in nature.
b.Locate your handout “poetry of the Romantic Era” Which contains the 4 romantic poems that we read for class. Briefly describe each of the poems; then, explain which of the 7 ideologies it demonstrates. NOTE: ” A Noiseless Patient spider” is completed as an example. 1. In “A Noiseless, Patient Spider” The speaker compares his soul to the spider, spinning out a web to connect to others. This reflects the romantic ideal that Divinity is found in nature.
2. In ” The World is Too Much with Us”….
3. In “Ozmandia . s”..
4. In “When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer”..
When was Frankenstein written? When approximately is the story set? written in 1818, and set in 1700s
Who wrote it? What is her nationality? How old was she when she wrote it? Marry Shelly. She was British. She was 19 when she wrote.
Why is this work considered important? First science fiction story
Who is the frame narrator of Frankenstein? Why do we call him this? Robert Walton because he starts the narration and finishes it.
At different points in the novel, three separate characters tell the story. List the 3 character & explain the set-up for their narrative voice. (In other words, who is the narrator talking/writing to, where are they when they are telling the story, etc.) i. Robert Walton is the explorer he is talking to his sister in letters when he narrates ii. Victor Frankenstein is telling his story to Walton after he picks him up in the arctic circleiii. The creature when he meets with Frankenstein in his hut
List 2 dramatic & important scenes from the novel- these would be inportant scenes that would likely end up in a movie, and that I might decide to use for this question on the test Example: victor destroys the female creature.i. The creature save a girl from drowning.ii. Victors creation of the creature

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