Frankenstein Timeline

Robert Walton Letter 1 Robert Walton writes to his sister from St. Petersburg, where he is preparing an expedition
Robert Walton Letter 4 Walton’s ship is trapped in ice and he spots a sled steered by a gigantic creature. THe next morning he encounters another sled driven by an ailing European.
Victor Frankenstein 1 On board ship, Victor Frankenstein begins to relate the story of his early life.
Victor Frankenstein 2 As a teenager, Victor is fascinated by the natural world
Victor Frankenstein 3 He begins his studies of natural philosophy and alchemy at Ingolstadt University
Victor Frankenstein 4 Victor discovers “the cause and generation of life”
Victor Frankenstein 5 Victor fashions a “horrible monster” and is disgusted by his creation
Victor Frankenstein 6 Victor realises that the creature has killed his youngest brother, William. A servant, Justine is accused of the murder.
Victor Frankenstein 7 Justine is executed
Victor Frankenstein 8 Victor is tormented by guilt and contemplates suicide
Victor Frankenstein 9 At the summit of Montanvert, Victor spots the creature and follows him up a cave
Creature 1 Creature tells how he left Ingolstadt and took refuge in a hovel adjacent to a small cottage in the wilderness
Creature 2 By listening in on the cottagers, the Creature learns how to speak
Creature 3 He teaches himself to read and realises the full force of his deformity and solitude
Creature 4 After finding entries from Victor’s journal, the creature leans the history of how he was made.
Creature 5 The creature recounts how he murdered William and then framed Justine
Creature 6 Victor agrees to provide the Creature with a female companion
Victor Frankenstein2 1 Victor sets up a laboratory and begins work on a female Creature
Victor Frankenstein2 2 Victor destroys his second creation and becomes the suspect in a murder enquiry
Victor Frankenstein2 3 Victor discovers the murdered man is his friend, Henry Clerval. After a time in prison, Victor is exonerated.
Victor Frankenstein2 4 Victor and Elizabeth get married
Victor Frankenstein2 5 The Creature kills Elizabeth on her wedding night and Victor vows to destroy his creation
Victor Frankenstein2 6 Victor tracks the Creature northward until he happens upon Walton and his ship
Walton Letters2 Walton describes Victor’s death and how he finds the Creature weeping over his dead creator. The creature then leaps to his death into an icy sea.

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