Frankenstein Study Guide

What reasons does Walton offer for making his voyage? To find a trade route, something about a compass, he wants honor/glory more than money
What kind of man is the master of Walton’s ship? He was uneducated, had money, gave his money to the guy his wife loved so he could take care of his, he left his country, he loved his wife so much that he put her happiness way above his, convinced her father to let her marry him, unselfishness
Who in the “Ancient Mariner” referred to near the end of Letter 2? Robert Walton says he wont be the ancient mariner b/c his sister is worried about him; he says he wont shoot the albatross, says he wont commit crimes against nature
What is unusual about the first words spoken by the stranger Walton tells about in letter 4? “Where are you going?” Doesn’t ask for food or a blanket
What news of Walton’s arouses the stranger’s interest? The sight of creature
What is the stranger’s reaction when Walton says that he will allow nothing to interfere with his journey of exploration? What does the stranger prepare to do for Walton? He says he’s suffered great misfortune & the relation of the disasters will help him
How does the stranger describe his parents’ character traits? How do Victor’s parents meet? Victor’s parents were well distinguished; his mother’s dad died in poverty; victor’s father was friend’s with Caroline’s father; Caroline’s maiden name was Beaufort; Victor’s father is unselfish; sought his friend to help him; couldn’t help his friend, but could help Caroline
Explain how Elizabeth becomes a member of the family. She’s an orphan; The Frankenstein’s are in Italy; she stood out b/c she has blonde hair; Caroline knew what it was like to be hungry and orphaned, so she had empathy for this big family in poverty. She knew Elizabeth wasn’t a biological child b/c of her hair; the family loved her and knew she’d have a better life if she was adopted; blessing from the priest to adopt
How do Elizabeth & Victor differ as children? Elisabeth was interested with poetry and nature; victor liked science
Who is Henry Clerval & what are his interests and goals? Victor’s BFF who wants to be a hero like King Arthur; he liked to write; he is much more like Elizabeth
Whose works does Victor pursue in his reading & studies? Why? Why does his father disapprove? There was bad weather so he stayed inside to study the works of Cornelius Agrippa, which gave him enthusiasm; his father said Agrippa’s theories were outdated & there was new modern science (Agrippa, Magnus, & Paracelsus); father could’ve handled it better; father could’ve given him suggestions; made Victor want to rebel
What effect does a violent thunderstorm have on Victor when he is 15? He watches violence with curiosity and delight; he has a guardian angel thought storm was going to kill him
What causes Victor’s mother’s death? What last requests does she make before she dies? Wants Elizabeth and victor to marry; died of scarlet fever, which she caught from nursing Elizabeth
When it’s time for Victor to depart, why doesn’t Henry Clerval accompany Victor to Ingolstadt? His father was narrow-minded and thought education was pointless
Which professor does Victor favor – Krempe or Waldman? Why? Waldman b/c he removed doubts about Victor becoming a modern chemist; Krempe made fun of him for studying early science; he said Krempe was ugly
What discovery does Victor make while at the University? Discovers structure of human frame; anatomy & decay
How does Walton react to the news of Victor’s discovery? How does Victor respond to Walton? Victor says he knows the secret to bringing life; Walton asks him to share, but Victor would not
What drives Victor on to the creation of being like himself? The death of his mother
What words in the last paragraph express a warning of what’s to come? Every night I was oppressed by a slow fever; every other word basically is a negative word
Describe the setting on the night the creature comes to life. What mood does the setting create? 1 am, candle was almost burned out, storming rain, nothing good was about to happen
Describe the creature. Over 8 feet tall, yellow watery eyes, black hair, straight black lips
What is Victor’s reaction to his creation? Why? Disgusted b/c he is so ugly and runs away
What happens after Victor rushes to his bedchamber? Ran over to bed and fell asleep; had the nightmare about embracing Elizabeth & she turns into his dead mother; awakes to see monster about him
What idea do the lines from “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” convey to the reader? Someone’s walking on the lonely road, to scared to turn around so he just keeps walking; he walks around streets, to scared to see monster,
What does Victor do when morning dawns? Whom does he meet? Goes tot his room to see if monster is there but its not; goes to meet Henry Clerval for breakfast; a coincidence
Describe what happens to Victor as he and Henry wait for a servant to bring breakfast. How does Henry respond? Victor thought he saw monster at breakfast and Henry worries for his health; Victor jumps on furniture and laughs like a crazy person
What does Henry do during Victor’s ensuing illness? Takes care of him while he has nervous fever and communicates with Frankenstein’s
What new character is introduced in Elizabeth’s letter to Victor? Justine Moritz; she mother was a widow of 4 children; she was the 3rd; was her father’s favorite; one of victor’s favorites; Frankenstein’s took her in; Catholic; mistreated by her mother until taken in; formally she was a “servant”; very pretty
Why does Victor desert his study of science? What study does he pursue? Why? His traumatic experience makes him abandon science; studies Oriental studies b/c that’s what Henry is studying; all of victor’s professors were bragging on Victor like crazy; a medical instrument was named after him; this hurt him b/c of his horrible, secret deed
What bad news awaits Victor in his father’s letter? William was murdered when hiding for a game
Why does Elizabeth blame herself for the murder? Guilty b/c she let William have the locket
Why does Victor come to believe that the monster is responsible for William’s death? Saw monster near Williams death; thinks monster killed him
Why is Justine accused of crime? Because she had William’s locket in her pocket
Why is Elizabeth particularly miserable after Justine’s arrest? She’s lost 2 family members now, knowing Justine is innocent; the murderer was still out there
How does Victor react to Justine’s trial? What does this show about Victor’s character? Victor doesn’t stand up for her; he is selfish; he talks about his own suffering; at least she had the joy of knowing she was innocent
Why does Justine confess having murdered William? She was threatened with excommunication
When does Victor plead for Justine? After she was sentenced – this was too late
What thoughts does Victor have about his monster as chapter 9 begins? He thinks the monster will bring more destruction; he must destroy his monster; think about letters – he wants to go north to chase the monster = another obsession
What does Elizabeth say that upsets Victor? Why does it upset him? She sees the evil in men now, not the good things; she might walk by the murderer on the street and not know it; she can’t look at people the same again and it’s all Victor’s fault – he changes her entire outlook on life
How does Victor describe the monster’s approach on Montavert? Superhuman speed
What impression does the Monster give when he speaks? He’s very educated/scholarly
What does the Monster request of Victor? Why? He said you owe me to listen to my story; if you don’t ill kill whom???
Why does Victor agree to listen? Curiosity – wants to know about death of William; he felt like it was his duty
What are the monster’s first memories? Hunger, thirst, cold, think about the senses about that’s all he knew
How does the monster say he learned to live in the world? Trial and error
What are the advantages of the monster’s hiding place? Warm b/c it’s by chimney, he can observe the family yet be out of sight, out of the elements
What does the monster first observe about the family? They’re so sweet and kind; no one is nicer than them
How does the monster show his capacity to care for others? Brings them wood, shovels the path, stops stealing their food; he felt good when Felix thought it was a good spirit
What kind of knowledge does the monster gain from the cottagers? Why is he eager to have this knowledge? He learns the language/communication; he’s so lonely and it’d stay that way if he didn’t learn to talk
Why is the monster horrified when he sees his own reflection in a pond? His appearance; he’s seen normally looking people and he knows he’s different; after he just saw the beautiful Arab
Describe the new character. How does her arrival benefit the monster’s education? She’s beautiful and Arab; she learns their language and this allows the monster to too
How do the monster’s emotions change as he gains more knowledge? Reference to Ruins of Empires; humans can be so mean; I don’t have money or a family name
Describe Safie’s connection with the De Lacey family. Felix is a foil to Victor. Felix didn’t even know Safie’s father – who had been unjustly convicted & he vowed to do something about it. {Theme of justice and love} For Victor – Justine was basically a member of his family was unjustly convicted & he didn’t even attempt to save her. He thought French were being prejudice against the Turkish man – this had nothing to do with Safie. Safie’s dad used Felix and Safie’s feelings toward each other to his own advantage. Felix’s family was stripped of their title & money, so he rushed back to Paris to try to help but couldn’t. They’ve been exiled & Felix didn’t have Safie at first, so that’s why they’re so unhappy. Safie’s father goes back home to Turkey out of fear. He wants Safie to follow & tells him to forget Christian Felix. She goes to find Felix and doesn’t give up; she betrayed her father. It wasn’t all for Felix; she didn’t want to live a life like women in Turkey do. Safie learns French – so monster learns French – which is Victor’s native language. There’s no German involved even though that’s where they are.
What are the first books the monster reads, and how do they affect him? He’s already studied Ruins of Empires; new books are Sorrows of Werter (series of letters a man wrote to a woman who didn’t love him back; sad), Lives (inspirational; showed heroism, integrity, morality), & Paradise Lost (he refers to 1/12 books in paradise lost; lots of it is based off Bible; the creation of Adam caught his eye; then God created eve; this is why he wants a companion! Theme of loneliness)
What is the significance of the papers the monster finds in his clothing? They had all of Victors thoughts in it
What happens when the monster reveals himself to the cottagers? The nicest people in the world can’t accept him; good headway w/ Mr. Delacey, but when the rest come back, they’re horrified of his appearance; they left the cottage because of him & they’re not coming back, so he is violent for the first time; destroyed trees, destroyed the garden, burned the house down
What happens on the monster’s journey that further hardens his heart against humans? He sees a girl fall into the water & he tries to save her; a guy who thought she was being attacked shot the monster; bad timing; this completely hardens the monsters heart; the wound hurt the monster & he is not invincible
What happens when the monster reaches Geneva? He sees William; horrible coincidence; He wants to make the little boy his companion b/c he’s too young to be prejudice; William is scared, yells out the name of his father; he out the locket in Justine’s pocket; he new it would be evidence b/c he read about the law; he thought she was beautiful so that’s why he framed her; he wants a pretty person to pay; as beautiful as the portrait of Caroline he is holding; he whispered to her saying he lover was there, but she didn’t wake up
How does Victor initially react to the monster’s demand? Monster wants a woman and Victor says no
How does the monster reason with Victor? Theme of responsibility; you owe me; you made me like this & sentenced me to a life of isolation; he said they’d go off to South American; said he wouldn’t hurt anyone if he had a companion; he taunts Victor b/c humans kill for food
What is Frankenstein’s decision to the monster’s demand? What oath does Victor ask the monster to swear to? Does the monster agree? He’ll do it. It took him 2 years to build this monster; no he has to do it again;
Why does Victor want to journey to England? He didn’t want his family to be around; research
What does Victor’s father want him to do? Why? What does Victor reply? Marry Elizabeth to relieve everyone of the grief; he will when he gets back
Why do Henry and Victor decide to leave London? Victor’s friend invites them to visit Scotland; henry can stay with him while Victor “tours”
Why does Victor settle on the Orkney Islands as the place where he will work? There were 3 huts (one was vacant, he used this one), 5 people. The people wouldn’t question or pay attention to what he was doing. They were so impoverished that they paid no attention to him. They hardly thanked them when he gave them food & clothing. (Unselfishness)
Why does Victor destroy his creation? Sees the monster’s face & rips the woman to shreds in front of the monster. 1) She might be evil & create an evil race. 2) They wouldn’t get along (if she’s hideous too & rejects other monster, it’d be even worse) 3) She might not want to retreat to isolation
How does the monster react to the destruction of his “bride?” Begs victor to reconstruct it; says he’ll be with Victor on his wedding night
How does Victor dispose of the remains of his second creation? What happens to Victor after this? Throws them in the sea; gets on a boat, drifts off, & fears his die at sea; when he washes ashore, he is accused of murder
When Victor finds out who was murdered, what happens to him? What does he say that sounds like a confession? Henry; he reacts, admitting he killing Henry & two others, so he is thrown in prison
Who is Mr. Kirwin, and how does he treat Victor? The magistrate; Mr. Kerwin is a foil to Victor; he gave victor the nicest prison cell & got him a nurse & doctor. He tried to be as just as he could. He contacted Victor’s father. He wanted to see {theme of} justice done (like Felix). He did everything within this power for justice.
What has Mr. Kirwin done to help Victor at the grand jury inquiry? He lined up witnesses for Victor
What does Elizabeth ask in her letter to Victor? What does she offer him? Why? She asks is Victor loves someone else. She tells him to be happy and not to answer the letter if it’ll make him sad
What does Victor assume are the monster’s plans for his and Elizabeth’s wedding night? The monster will kill him; he will fight back
What does Victor promise to tell Elizabeth on the day after their wedding? He experienced with the monster
Where do Victor and Elizabeth spend their honeymoon? Lake by Villa Lavenza; On the shores of Como; Austria?
Where does Victor see the monster? What does the creature do when Victor spies him? Through the window of the bedroom in which the monster killed Elizabeth; he smiles & points at Elizabeth’s dead body
What further misery greets Victor in Geneva? His dad was in deep despair then died; he was arrested for about a month
What does Victor tell the magistrate? What is the outcome of their conversation? His story/experience with the monster; the magistrate doesn’t think any human is strong enough to defeat the monster; victor thinks he doesn’t believe him; Victor left angry
What happens when Victor visits the graves of his father, William, and Elizabeth? He calls on evil spirits & he vows to get revenge on the monster; The monster whispers he is glad Victor has decided to live
How does the monster encourage Victor during the chase? He leaves footprints, he left writings on bark or stones
Before he dies, what final advice does Victor offer Walton? What does this show about Victor’s character? He doesn’t command Walton to follow the monster, but said commanded that he kills the monster if he sees it; he sticks to his word; he tells the sailors to return home as heroes
When does Walton meet the monster? At the scene of Victor’s dead body
Why does the monster suffer over Victor’s death? He’s sad to have made Frankenstein’s life so miserable; his heart was susceptible to love & misery & he killed the innocent
How does the monster plan to end his life He burns himself

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