Frankenstein Reading Questions Chapters 9-10

What happens to Victor after Justine is put to death? What is his father’s opinion of Victor’s immoderate grief”? Victor gets seized with remorse and guilt because of her unjust death. Victor goes into solitude. His father unsuccessfully attempts at convincing him to get over his grief and depression, Victor’s father does not know of Victor’s guilt.
What keeps Victor from killing himself? He could not kill himself because he does not want to let Elizabeth and her father and brother unprotected from the creature.
What effect have these events had on Elizabeth? Elizabeth becomes sad and desponding and loses her happiness. She would cry and grieve with respect for Justine. She lost her cheerful personality that defined her in her childhood.
What makes Victor go to Charmounix? Victor’s nervous breakdowns due to his depression provoke him to take a respite at Chamonix, a place frequently visited during childhood. He wants to go to Chamonix to deal with his grief and recuperate.
Explain: “I was a wreck–but nought had changed in those savage and enduring scenes.”(Pg.78) While victor has changed for the worse drastically throughout recent years, the nature and scenery of Charmonix has remained constant.
As Victor climbs the mountains, what effect do they have on him? Climbing the mountains reduces his grief, and takes his mind off his guilt and other unpleasant matters.
Why does Victor climb Montanvent in spite of the rain. Rain and storm are small problems when compared to some of the difficulties he had to cope in the past.
Describe the expression on the creature’s face. The creature’s visage shows a mix of anguish and hate.
How does the creature respond to Victor? The creature anticipated a cruel reception from Victor. He is enraged at Victor for giving life to him only to neglect and pursue to kill him. He also expresses his misery at his wretched form and neglection from society. He is angry that Victor ditched his duty of caring for his creation.
With what does the creature threaten Victor? The creature threatens to kill all of Victor’s friends if Victor continues to neglect him and evade responsibility and care towards him. (or not listen to him at that time).
What does the creature say about his present position? The creature was once benevolent and loved humans, but hatred, neglect, and dismissal from other humans and his creater led him on a path of solitude and misery.
For what reasons does Victor follow the creature and listen to his story Curiosity, compassion, duty and a desire to listen to an explanation behind the murder of william provokes Victor to follow the creature and listen to his story.

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