Captain Robert Walton “this expedition has been the favorite dream of my early years…the north pacific ocean through the seas which surrounded the pole”
Captain Robert Walton “my education was neglected yet i was passionately fond of reading…forbidden my uncle to allow me to embark in sea-faring life”
Captain Robert Walton “six years have passed since i resolved on my present undertaking. i can even now remember the hour from which i dedicated myself to this great enterprise”
Captain Robert Walton “i also became a poet and for one year lived in a paradise of my own creation, i imagined that i also might obtain in a niche in the temple where the names of homer and shakespeare are consecrated”
Captain Robert Walton “i voluntairly endured cold, famine, thirst, and want of sleep; i often worked harder than the common sailors..”
Captain Robert Walton “and now dear margaret, do i not deserve to accomplish some great purpose?”
Captain Robert Walton “my courage and my resolution is firm but my hopes fluctuate and my spirits are often depressed”
Captain Robert Walton “now i am 28 and am in reality more illiterate than many school boys of 15”
Captain Robert Walton “nothing is more painful to the human mind than after the feelings have been… and deprives the soul both of hope and fear”
Alphonse Frankenstein “ah cornelius agrippa! my dear victor do not waste your time on this, it is sad trash”
William Frankenstein “hideous monster! let me go, my papa he is m frankenstein he would punish you. you dare not keep me”
Victor Frankenstein “when i was about 15 years old we had retired to our house near belrive when we witnessed a most violent and terrible thunder storm”
Victor Frankenstein “when we visited the next morning we found the tree shatteterd in a singular manner…reduced to thing ribbands of utterly destoryed”
Victor Frankenstein “in my education my father had taken the greatest precautions…no supernatural horrors…never tremembled at a tale of superstion or to have feared the apparation of a spirit”
Victor Frankenstein “these throughs supported my spirits…cheek grown pale with study…person emaciated with confinement”
Victor Frankenstein (in reference to monster) “for this i had deprived myself of rest and health”
Victor Frankenstein (first time he kissed elizabeth( “but as i imprinted the first kiss on her lips…features appear to change…held the corpse of my dead mother in my arms”
Victor Frankenstein “do not ask me…he can tell oh save me save me!”
Victor Frankenstein (sees the monster in the trees) “william dear angel this is thy funeral this thy dirge”
Victor Frankenstein “the presence of the idea was an irrestable proof of fact”
Victor Frankenstein (about the creature) “two years had nearly elapsed since the night on which he recieved life and was this his first crime?”
Victor Frankenstein (to ernest) “the murderer discovered…one might as well overtake the winds or confine a mountain-stream with a straw”
Justine Moritz “i did confess but i confessed a lie…obtain confessor has besieged me, he treated and menaced…exommunication..hell…i am truely miserable”
Justine Moritz “that she had been bewildered when quiestioned…had passed a sleepless night…fate of william uncertain…photo…no account”
Caroline Frankenstein “my children my firmest hopes of happiness were placed on the prospect of union…now consolation of father…elizabeth…supply for younger cousins…indulge a hope of meeting you in a another world.”
Krempe “have you really spent your time in studying such nonsense?”
Waldman “i am happy to have gained disciple..chemistry is that branch of natural philosophy…made it my peculiar study…not neglected other branches of science”
Creature “i expected this reception all men hate the wretched…you my creator detest and spurn me…ties only dissoluble by the annihilation of one of us…comply with my conditions leave at peace but refute…blood of your remaining friends”
Creature “it presented to me then as exquistire a divine a retreat as pandamonium appeared to the demons of hell after their sufferings in the lake of life”
Creature “fire milk bread and wood”
Creature “old man had only one which was father. the girl was called sister and agatha and the sone was felix”
Elizabeth Lavenza “when i reflect my dear cousin on the miserable death of justine…before looked upon accounts of vice and injustice…now miserary has come home…if she commiteed crime she would have been the most depracted human creatures”

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