Frankenstein Quiz 2

How does creature get to know the family who lives in the cottage? why is he drawn to the family? how does the family’s reaction to the creature affect his view of himself and the human race watches them thru a crack in the wall and observes and learns from them. he is drawn to them because of their love and affection for each other. the family didn’t want anything to do with him when he tried to reveal himself to the old man.
according to the creature, what can save him from doing evil monster will leave Victor alone for good once he (monster) gets a companion
what keeps frankenstein from completing the second creature? in your opinion, why does the creature direct his revenge to frankenstein’s wedding Vic destroys the 2nd creature bc he thought he was creating a devil race & helping the monster. i think the creature wanted Vic to feel similar pain that he experienced buy never having a friend
why does frankenstein call himself Henry Clerval’s murder since Vic created the monster, any of the monster’s actions, Vic was also to blame. Vic is partly to blame because the monster killed his best friend. Vic shunned the monster from his life which had this been different maybe so would the monster’s actions
what happens to Elizabeth? what is ironic or unexpected about the creature’s revenge on Frankenstein Victor re-killed and ripped the second creature, causing the creature to do the same thing to elizabeth on their wedding night
how does Shelley show that frankenstein and the creature are both obsessed with revenge? does either of them win? explain frankenstein = says he will hunt and track him for eternity. neither frankenstein nor the creature won and they both ended the same way. Both had no one left to love or care for
How do you think frankenstein failed or erred ad a human being? what traits or attributes do you think led to the creature’s fate frankenstein failed as a human because he could’ve changed the fate of himself and the creature. victor could’ve taken the creature in when he brought him to life instead of cursing at him and leaving him alone. victor also could’ve taken responsibility for his actions instead of letting his ego get in the way.
conjuncture to guess using available evidence
flagrant highly offensive
pensive deeply or dreamily thoughtful
vengeance punishment inflicted in return for a wrong
wantonly maliciously; without restraint
inexorable unyielding
irksome annoying
malicious deliberately harmful
traverse to travel across
adversary enemy; opponent
omnipotent all-powerful
pilgrimage long journey for spiritual purpose

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