Frankenstein Quiz

How did Zeus and Prometheus attitudes towards humans differ? Zeus did not like humans Prometheus was fond of humans
What gift did Prometheus give to mankind?Why was it important? He gave the gift of fire It showed his love for humans
What was Prometheus’ punishment? He was chained to a rock every day where an eagle came to eat his liver
With what did the Roman writer Ovid credit Prometheus? Ovid named Prometheus as the god who made humankind in godlike form from clay… and adds the creative power may have given us intelligence
Modernists have seen Prometheus as… the hero of human intelligence making a better world through scientific understanding and against ancient dogmas
What do Babel and Prometheus have in common? love for mankind overstepped by higher power
Mary Shelly lost her husband and kids was a widow at 24supported herself with her writing
Frankenstein was published in… 1818
1789 was the start of the French Revolution British liberals admired passion and eventually became violent
1793 through 1794 the French Reign of Terror under Robespierre British liberals lost all hope for true justice and equality
1804 Napoleon is crowned emperor
During the harsh times.. romantic writers used nature as an escape
The Romantics were mostly disheartened liberals
Romantics sought… solitude in nature believing that they key to all emotional healing could be found in nature
The idea of the …. become popular disenfranchised man
Romantics made ordinary… everyday traits seem wonderful
Gothic literature was… an offset of Romantic literature
Gothic literature was the predecessor of… modern horror movies in both theme and style
Gothic writers gave nature… the power of destruction
The most common feature of Gothic literature is the… indication of mood through the weather
Cornelius Agrippa A Renaissance philosopher and scientist whose works reflect a strong interest in the occult and ancient, mystical science sheof the near East
Paracelsus Introduced a new concept of disease and the use of chemicals rather than herbs to treat diseases
Albertus Magnus Advocated the search into the natural causes of things apart from the Church’s position that God was the cause of all effects
What does Prometheus have in common with tragic KIng Oedipus Both defy god and attempt to put humans on the same level
What’s the subtitle suggest about FRnk Victor is attempting to place humans on gods playing field

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