Frankenstein questions/answers (questions put in order, chapters 1-24)

How do the Letters frame the upcoming story of Frankenstein? It’s like leading into a flashback
How do Capt. Robert Walton’s life and travels adhere to ideals of Romanticism? It’s the joys of life in general. It’s the simple things in life like nature, and adventures. His first letter he was on an adventure and going off to the artic to explore, and learn about stuff because nobody has ever been there before.
Explain how Walton educates himself for his sailing adventure. Met up with some guys, and ended up wanting to sail because he went in sailing expeditions. He got hooked and then that’s how he got into sailing ideas.
What does Walton desire when he writes the second letter? He’s looking for a friend. So when he writes to his sister it’s his substitute of having a friend. He is lonely. He’s looking to share all of this information with someone. (Letter 2, paragraph 2)
Explain why Walton feels particularly fortunate to have secured the master of his ship. He’s excited because he thinks he’s going to learn more, he said he didn’t think he was gonna live through this, but he found the ship mater and knows he’s going to be successful
Why do you think Walton’s “belief in the marvelous” makes him an ideal listener of Frankenstein’s story? What connection can you make? He’s opening to new ideas. He’s excited about learning
In the Fourth Letter, how is the setting Romantic? (Go back to the website, if you need to) Out in the middle of nowhere, and even stuck in the ice. They’re experienced great nature, and seeing things nobody else is able to see
What do the sailors see in distance? They see dark figures. Looked like something like a dog sled team with a huge man
Describe the man who boards the ship. Details! The man looks like he starved. Looks like he’s on the edge of dying and doesn’t look like he’s eaten in ages
Explain why the man is in the Arctic. As reading the letter you’ll find out, but they find out it’s Frankenstein. He’s seeking the one who fled for me. He’s chasing the dark figure
What is Walton’s duty as the man tells his story? They give him care, feeds him. Giving him a warning, and foreshadowing his own stuff
First, who is telling this part of the story. Dr. Frankenstein
Tell how Victor Frankenstein’s parents met (in about 2-3 sentences briefly, but you can type more) They met in a unique way. His father helped a friend and since his friend had a daughter, he soon married his friends daughter.
Summarize in a couple sentences how Mary Shelley interjects her social interest of caring for the poor into Frankenstein. Where in Chapter 1 does she write about someone caring for the poor? Victors dad cares for his buddy, his future wife goes and takes care of a lot of poor people. Later Elizabeth was adopted from a poor family that can’t care for her anymore. Victors mom takes her in.
Describe Victor’s childhood in a nutshell Well taken care of. Never been negligend, he had it pretty good. His parents always loved him, his dad wasn’t a drunk. His parents were educated, so they wanted him to be educated.
Show how Shelley portrays the women, Caroline and Elizabeth, in Chapter 1 Caroline: victors mom. Always had to take care of her dadElizabeth: victors future wife. Kinda poor, rough start in life. She was a give to victor They both cared for other people. Always cared for someone instead of themselves. Both came from poor families.
Explain how Elizabeth comes into the Frankenstein home. When victors parents they were visiting the poor, and meet this family. Elizabeth was just dumped off at their house and they cared for her, so the family couldn’t afford to take care of her anymore. Then dr. Frankensteins parents took her home, and gave her to victor
Assess how Victor feels about Elizabeth. (Basically, does this sound like a healthy relationship?) “Mine to protect, love and cherish” from victor. It hints at that he kind of owns her, he thinks she belongs to him
Tell about Victor’s social tendences and how he interacts with friends. He doesn’t have a lot of friends. He likes being alone, not being around lots of people.
Contrast Victor’s academic interests with those of his friend, Henry Clerval. He’s more into science, wants to find out how things work. His friend henery liked to study history, like the morals stuff. There completely opposite
Infer Victor’s meaning when he says of his desire to learn about science: “I find it arise, like a mountain river, from ignoble and almost forgotten sources; but, swelling as it proceeded, it became the torrent which, in its course, has swept away all my hopes and joys” (should be around page 35ish) He’s describing that he’s obsessed with it. It gets out of control with him
Which authors and topics does Victor become obsessed with reading? Alchemy – magic and chemistry together. Then that got him into natural science. One led to the other.
Generalize how Victor learns about alchemy and natural science. How does this fit with the characteristics of Romanticism? They are both stuffing literature things, so therefore it goes back to romanticism
Describe Victor’s experience with lightning. How was it a turning point in his life? The lightening hit the tree then the next second it was gone. It sparked his interest into finding out how that happened
Explain Victor’s destiny. Locate a quote from the novel to support your answer (in what we have read so far) His destiny is to study life, almost to an obsession. He’s really focused on studying the study of life.
Tell what Caroline Frankenstein hopes for Elizabeth and Victor’s future. Caroline hopes that Elizabeth and Victor get married.
Summarize Elizabeth’s response to Caroline’s death Elizabeth becomes the family’s maternal figure. Instead of grieving, she devotes herself to the family.
Explain why Henry Clerval’s father disapproves of education. He doesn’t see point in education and wants Henry to follow in his footsteps.
Deduce what Victor means when he states, “Chance- or rather the evil influence, the Angel of Destruction, which asserted ominpotent sway over me from the moment I turned my reluctant steps from my father’s door….” Victor is destined for evil- his destiny was to have the Angel of Destruction decide his future.
Examine how Victor interacts different with M. Krempe and M. Waldman M. Krempe: conceited and condescending M. Waldman: respects him; becomes Victor’s mentor; inspires him to search answers
Evaluate Victor’s assertion, “In other stuies you go as far as other have gone before you, and there is nothing more to know; but in a scientific pursuit there is continual food for discovery and wonder.” He’s studying biology. In English and history once you learn it you can’t continue with it, but in science you can continue and learn a lot more about it. An ending point in science doesn’t exist since there is so much to discover
What specific aspects of biology does Victor study? Studies human anatomy and how life is created (death and decay)
Explain how Victor thinks that his creation will regard him. Will be grateful and appreciative of him, like both father and creator
Explain how Victor violates his own advice, “A human being in perfection ought always to preserve a calm and peaceful mind, and never to allow passion or a transitory desire to disturb his tranquility. He becomes obsessed with science and his creation. It is dominates his life at the expense of his health, family, and mental health
Generalize why Victor “shuns his fellow -creatures” while working on his creation. He knows he is doing something wrong and Isolates himself fro, others so they won’t learn of his actions
How does victor react when his creation comes to life? Explain your feelings about his reaction to his creation. Were you surprised? Why or why not? Victor is disgusted and runs screaming from the room.
Describe how Victor’s dream takes on mood of a horror story. Victor dreams that he sees and kisses Elizabeth. Elizabeth then changes to his dead mother who rots in his arms.
Show how the passage from Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” applies to Victor Frankenstein. Like the mariner, Victor feels fear that he is being followed by the monster.
Explain how Victor reacts to Henry Clerval’s arrival in Ingolstadt. Victor is thrilled to see Henry Clerval. After acting erratically, jumping on furniture and running around in excitement, Victor collapses in a fit.
Surmise what the monster does after leaving Victor’s laboratory. He runs away and learns about how his own body works.
Explain the favor that Henry asks of Victor. Henry asks Victor to write a letter to his father and Elizabeth.
Summarize Elizabeth’s letter to Victor. She writes that she was regretful that she wasn’t there to take care of victor while he was sick. His father is well. Ernest is 16 and wants to enter the military. She tells how Justine comes to live with family.
Relate how Justine comes to live with Frankenstein family. At age 12, Justine lives with Frankenstein’s after her own mother mistreats her. When her mother later becomes sick, Justine leaves the Frankenstein’s to care for her mother, but returns after her mother passes away.
How would you describe or illustrate William Frankenstein. William, the youngest Frankenstein child, has blue eyes, curly hair and dark eyelashes. He has dimples and is happy child. He’s around 7-10 years of age.
Analyze how Victor feels after he reads Elizabeth’s letter. Victor realizes after his lack of communication with his family has caused them pain and anxiety; he immediately exhausts himself after writing a letter to them.
Generalize how M. Waldman and M. Krempe speak of Victor when he and Clerval visit them. What is the irony of this? They both praise his knowledge of science. Both of these men commend victor on his studies- in pursuit of knowledge and talents as a student- and infer that he has potential to do great things. The irony is that he has already used his knowledge and talents to create a monster that can potentially destroy him.
What do Victor and Clerval begin studying together? They begin studying the Asian languages: Persian, Arabic, and Sankrit.
Assess how Clerval affects Victor and his mood. Clerval’s companionship and attentiveness lifts Victors mood and gets him back to feeling like his old self
How does William die? William was either strangled or his neck was broken-a fingerprint was found on his neck.
Why does Elizabeth blame herself? She gave William a locket with his mother’s picture to wear around his neck— she thinks it was what the murderer wanted.
How long has it been since Victor has been home? Nearly six years
Contrast Victor’s feelings about the Swiss landscape during the day with how he views it at night. During the day, Victor describes the mountains as placid and welcoming. At night, he feels they are dark and gloomy, and a scene of evil.
Examine how the author utilizes the lightning motif as Victor returns home. Lightning “plays on the summit of Mont Blanc” and flashes about the Alps of Savoy illuminating the lake at its base. A flash of lightning also illuminates the creature in the distance.
How does Victor talk himself out of pursuing the beast? He hesitates at first because the monster was escaping too quickly. He then second guesses whether he should tell his story because he convinces himself that no one would believe him, and they would think he had gone insane. He then reassures himself that even if he told his story, the monster would have been able to escape before they could even begin hunting him down. Finally, he wonders who would be strong enough to capture him.
Explain what Victor mistakenly believes when he tells Ernest, “The murderer discovered! Good God! How can that be? Who could attempt to pursue him? It is impossible; one might as well try to overtake the winds, or confine a mountain stream with straw.” Victor mistakenly believes that his family knows that the monster killed William, and that they have captured the monster.
Specify the evidence that is used to charge Justine with the crime. The locket containing the picture of Caroline Frankenstein is found in Justine’s pocket.
Why does Elizabeth refuse to believe that Justine is guilty? She trusts Justine and considers her a plant of the family that she knows really well. She firmly believes she knows Justine is incapable of committing such a crime, especially against a William.
Tell why Victor does not announce the real murderer, nor confess to the crime himself. They will think he is crazy/insane.
Discuss how the evidence against Justine builds. She had the locket and she didn’t have an alibi – she was supposedly sick.
Examine the accuracy of Justine’s assertion, “I believe that I have no enemy on earth, and none surely would have been so wicked as to destroy me wantonly.” She is truly a good faithful person, yet the creature really runs free.
Explain how Elizabeth defends Justine. She is this great person; no ill will towards William; she helped care for Caroline.
Why does Victor claim he is suffering worse than the accused? He made the creature and let it loose, yet he can’t help them.
Tell why Justine confesses to William’s murder. Cracks under pressure because she doesn’t want to go to Hell.
How does Victor respond to William and Justine’s deaths? Victor becomes deeply depressed and extremely remorseful; he is unable to sleep and wants to be alone
What does Victor do frequently at night? Victor takes the boat onto the lake and ponders suicide
Why does Victor feel like he is the “true murderer” of William and Justine? Since victor created the “creature”, sought to create life and dispel death. The creature murdered William meanwhile Justine was put to death for Williams murder. If he had spoken up about his suspicious, he may have been able to prevent justine’s death. If he hadn’t created the creature, Williams death would have been prevented.
How does it seem the monster plans to seek revenge on Victor? By murdering his family.
Which of the following best explains the Romantic writers’ attitudes toward nature? Nature can act as healing force.
What ultimatum does the creature give Victor? Comply with his demands or he will continue to murder people.
Why does the creature say that he committed murder? Humans abhorrence of him to commit murder.
Which choice best describes how the creature portrays himself when speaking to Victor? Well-spoken and intelligent.
From whose point of view are Chapters Eleven and Twelve told? From the creature’s point of view
Summarize the creature’s first experiences when he leaves Ingolstadt. The creature does not understand anything about his surroundings or his body. As he wanders in the forest, he gradually learns to utilize his senses, eat berries, and drink water.
Explain how the creature learns about fire. The creature finds a small, abandoned fire and gets burned when he puts his hand in it. Through observation, he learns to maintain the fire by adding wood to it. He then uses the fire for hear and to cook food.
Analyze how the creature is similar to an infant. Everything is new and he is getting into everything (the fire).
Generalize what the creature learns about humans from his first encounters with Them. The creature learns that he is not wanted or liked by humans. He realizes that humans are only tolerant of people similar to themselves. He also experiences the cruelty of man.
Evaluate the creature’s decision to isolate himself from humans. The creatures decision to isolate himself from humans is understandable given the human reactions he has experienced.
Describe the family that the creature observes. The family consists of an elderly blind man, his son, and daughter. The son and daughter constantly work, while the father plays music. Each of the family members seems sad, but they are benevolent and warm to each other.
Contrast the creature’s assessment of the DeLaceys’ lifestyle with its reality. .The creature thinks the DeLaceys live luxuriously since the have shelter, fire, food, clothing, and each other. In reality, the DeLaceys work hard for everything they have, are in deep poverty, and struggle just to eat.
Tell how the creature assists the DeLacey family. The creature stops eating the DeLaceys’ food and begins cutting wood and placing it at their door each night.
Calculate how long the creature observes the DeLacey family. The creature observed the DeLacey family for “several revolutions of the moon” or several months
Discuss how the creature learns from the family. The creature learns about family relationships, kindness, speech, music, and reading by observing the family.
Explain why the creature wants to learn to speak. The creature thinks that if he can speak to humans, they will overlook his frightening appearance
Determine the irony in the creature looking upon the DeLaceys as “superior beings.” (113) When Victor made th creature, he felt that he was forming a race of superior begins. Ow the supposedly “superior” creature thinks that a family who most humans would look down on is truly superior.
Whose arrival improves Felix’s spirits? Predict who this stranger is, why she has come, and why she seems to lift Felix’s mood. A young girl who does not speak their language. Later we learn her name is Safie
Describe how Safie’s presence facilitates the creature’s ability to speak and read. As she is learning French, he learns alongside her
Show how the creature demonstrates his fear of encountering humans. The creature only leaves his hovel at night and stays away where humans could encounter him
Infer what the creature learns of the human spirit from Volney’s Ruins of Empires. He learns humans can be virtuous yet vicious. He also learns around history
What else does the creature learn about? He learns the basics of family
How does this knowledge make the creature ponder his place in the universe? He realizes without wealth, power, nor family he is nothing. He feels incredibly lonely and dejected
Evaluate how the creature’s reflections demonstrate his innate humanity. He has such strong desire to interact and apart of a family that is shows that he has what it takes to be a human
Describe the De Lacey family’s background. They were a wealthy French family.
Summarize the circumstances that caused the De Lacey’s ruin. Safie’s father was Turkish merchant who did not practice Christian faith. He was condemned to death just for him faith. This enraged Felix and vowed to help him escape. The Turk offered him wealth but once Felix saw Safie he thought she was a good reward.
Discuss how the Turk uses Safie to ensure Felix’s assistance. He promised her hand in marriage if Felix helps him escape.
Examine how Safie sought to reject the cultural expectations placed on her. Since she was raised in Christian faith was educated as well. She does not want to just be a wife.
Explain the irony of Safie’s father not wanting her to marry Felix, a Christian. Although he fell in love with a Christian Arab, he doesn’t want his own daughter to marry a Christian
While Felix is in Italy courting Safie, what happens to his father and Agatha? Why?What happens to the De Lacey family as a result of Felix’s actions? His father and Agatha are thrown in jail due to Felix’s actions. When he returns the whole family is put on trial and they exiled losing everything they own.
Contrast how the creature feels when reading The Sorrows of Werter and Plutarch’s Lives. Sorrow of Werter: he ponders where he fits in the world.Plutarch’s Lives: he learns about history and learns to respect the men before him
Examine how the creature sees himself as different from Adam in Paradise Lost. Adam in Paradise Lost is created and cared for by us created. On other hand, the creature was abandoned by Victor and feels lonely and rejected.
Explain how knowledge heightens the creature’s frustration with his situation. It shows him how much of an outcast he is and what a challenge it would be to be accepted in human society.
Generalize how the creature thinks the DeLacey family will respond to his advances. He thinks they will be kind and compassionate and look past his deformities.
Tell what occurs when the creature meets the DeLacey family. The old man is kind to the creature and listens to him. In contrast, Felix returns home and beats the creature until he leaves.
After much thought, how does the creature believe he should have done things differently? What does the creature decide to do? He admits that he should have introduced himself more slowly to the family
Tell about what the creature sees the next morning, and what he decides to do as a Result. He sees Felix talking to landlord telling the landlord they cannot stay. As a result, the creature burns the garden and cottage down.
Explain why the creature wants to meet Victor. He feels that Victor is only one to offer companionship and can help him with his feelings of injustice
How does the incident with the DeLacey family change the creature? Before the creature thought humans were good, but afterwards he has become bitter and wants revenge
Summarize the creature’s encounter with the drowning girl. How does this incident further fuel the creature’s hatred for mankind and need for revenge? Just as the creature was about to save the drowning a girl a man came upon them and shoots the creature thinking the creature was hunting the girl. Once again, man hurts the creature proving to him that mankind deserves revenge.
Describe why the creature chooses to kill William. When the creature stumbles upon William, he learns that William is Victor’s brother so he decides to hurt William to gain revenge on Victor
Tell why the creature places the locket in Justine’s pocket. Its revenge for his lack of female companionship and love
Describe the demand the creature makes of Victor. The creature demands Victor make a female version of him with features so he can have companionship
Tell how Victor first responds to the creature’s demand. First he refuses no matter what torture
Discuss how the creature convinces Victor to make him a mate. The creature states that its victors responsibility to create him a companion. If he does this, he promises that they move far away from humans
Examine how the creature believes companionship will help his temperament. He believes that his vices will be held in check if he has a companion to relieve his loneliness
Explain how the creature plans to stay abreast of Victor’s progress. The creature will watch victor and reappear when the mate is complete
Compare the creature’s feelings to those of Captain Robert Walton at the beginning of the novel. They both desire companionship/friendship
Tell why Alphonse Frankenstein thinks Victor is depressed. He thinks that Victor doesn’t want to marry Elizabeth, and he is in love with someone else.
Summarize why Victor feels that he cannot marry Elizabeth at this time. He feels that he must build a female for the creature.
Demonstrate how Victor manipulates his father so he has the time and liberty to create a female creature. He tells his father that he wants to travel to England first. What he doesn’t tell his father is that it will allow him time to gather resources to create another for the creature
Analyze why Victor feels that his family will be safer if he leaves Switzerland. He believes the creature will follow him and not harm his family.
Generalize how the setting and scenery of his journey finally affect Victor’s mind and spirits. He gets worked up about creating another creature that he becomes miserable, but not on the riverboat trip the beauty of nature calms him (nature is a healing force).
Assess how Victor feels about Clerval’s friendship and companionship. He appreciates his friendship and Clerval’s imagination soothes his heart.
What are Victor’s concerns about creating another monster? Victor does not know how the female monster will feel and act. She could be worse than the original
Explain why Victor destroys the creature he is forming. When the male creature appears victors window he realizes his malice and treachery
Examine how the creature conveys the power he believes he has over Victor. The creature calls victor us slave and that he can make his life miserable
Generalize how Victor feels after the monster threatens him. Victor keeps hearing the creatures threats in his head and debates on his return
Evaluate Victor’s decision not to create a female monster. Do you think he is making the right decision? Why or why not? He lies down in bottom of boat and goes to sleep
What does Victor do with the remains of the female creature? He takes them out to sea and throws them overboard with stoned
Describe what Victor does when he becomes tired while sailing. He lies down in the bottom of the boat and goes to sleep
How does the dead body’s appearance relate its cause of death? The black mark of fingers on the body’s neck show that it was strangled.
Summarize why the townspeople think Victor is the murderer He shows up in town around the time of murder in a boat similar to one spotted at the crime scene.
Who has been murdered? Henry Clerval
Show how Victor responds to Clerval’s death upon seeing his body and how he behaves while in jail. He becomes extremely agitated. He becomes very sick and delirious and wishes to die.
Explain how Mr. Kirwin helps Victor. He sends a nurse to care for Victor; he writes Victor’s father; he depends victor in court when he realizes that evidence proves that victor is innocent.
Formulate what “destiny of the most horrible kind” Victor thinks “hangs over” him. (179) They proved that he was still on the Orkney Islands at the time. He was in jail for 3 months.
Discuss Victor’s emotional response to his acquittal. He is depressed and suicidal because he holds himself ultimately responsible for Clervals death.
Examine Victor’s assertion, “William, Justine, and Henry—they all died by my hands.” (183) He created the monster’s hands that murdered them and the creature framed Justine.
Discuss the meaning of Victor telling his father, “A thousand times would I have shed my own blood, drop by drop, to have saved their lives; but I could not, my father, indeed I could not sacrifice the whole human race.” (184) He feels responsible for the murders and would sacrifice his life to stop them, but he cannot create another creature that could harm even more humans
Show why Elizabeth thinks Victor is depressed and troubled. From the letter she wrote to Victor, she thinks Victor may have fallen in love with someone else and does not want to marry her.
Tell how Victor tries to protect himself from the monster. Victor constantly carries pistols and daggers around to protect himself.
How does Shelley utilize nature to foreshadow ominous happenings at the beginning of this Chapter? A storm blows in just before Elizabeth is murdered
Describe how the monster is with Victor on his wedding-night. The monster murders victors bride in her wedding-night. As victor discovers her, the monster, jarring grin on his face, points at her body then escaped through the window
Show how Elizabeth’s death intensifies Victor’s concern for his other loved ones. Victor worried that the monster will go to Geneva to harm other members in his family
How does the creature inadvertently kill Alphonse Frankenstein? Alphonse dies soon after due to heartbreak and stress over Elizabeth’s murder
Formulate how Elizabeth and Alphonse’s deaths change Victor’s focus in life. Victor decided to pursue the monster wherever he may go, and kill him when he finds them
Explain why the magistrate does not think that he can offer much help to Victor. The magistrate thinks the monster is too strong and too quick to be caught by humans and that he may already be far away from the area
Assess how Victor’s comment that the creature “may be hunted like the chamois, and destroyed as a beast of prey” relates to his perception of his creation. Victor views the creature as an animal, not human in anyway
What is ironic about Victor’s statement: “…how ignorant are thou in thy pride of wisdom”? Ironically, it was victor’s pride of wisdom that got him into this situation in the first place so long ago
Tell where Victor travels. Where is he going, and why? He travels to the Mediterranean Sea where he boards a ship bound for the Black Sea. He them journeys north through Russia and to the Arctic Circle. He is searching for the creature, out for his revenge
How does Victor feel as if he is being guided by a “spirit of good”? When he was hungry, he was able to procure food. When he was thirsty, it rained until his thirst and quenched, then the rain would stop
Describe how Victor and the creature’s roles have reversed. Previously, the creature followed victor as he traveled. Now victor pursues the creature
Point out why the creature leaves Victor hints and marks regarding his trail. The creature enjoys the cat-and-mouse game with victor. He also knows that the journey is difficult for victor.
Generalize the creature’s state of mind and how he views humans while on his Journey. The creature is obsessed with tormenting victor and views humans as enemies. He does not hesitate to frighten or steal from people while on his journey, especially at the hamlet.
What natural event threatens Victor’s safety? The ice breaks apart standing victor and his sled dogs on a floating piece of ice
Interpret Victor’s thoughts when he repeatedly refers to “guiding spirits.” Victor feels that he is guided by the spirits of his dead friends and family. Victor also feels that after death, he will be able to guide Walton to the creature
Why are Felix and Safie’s letters important to Walton? The letter prove that victors story is true
Summarize the situation aboard Walton’s ship. The ship is stuck between ice floes. The crew wants to turn around and head south. Walton fears mutiny aboard his ship
Relate how Walton has spent most of his time since Victor boarded the ship. Walton has spent most of his time listening to victors story instead of tending to his ship and crew
Summarize Frankenstein’s speech to the crew. He tells them that they will be hailed as “benefactors of the species…..brave men who encountered death for honor and for the benefit of mankind” if they continue with their expedition
Analyze why Walton decides to take the ship south. Walton personally wants to continue north, but agrees to head south to avoid a mutiny
Who does Walton find with Victor? Walton finds the monster with victors dead body
Discuss how the monster feels now that Victor is dead. The monster mourns victor and regrets hurting him. He monster also says that it hurt him to murder victor’s family and friends
Examine the creature’s belief, “I was the slave, not the master, of an impulse which I detested, yet could not disobey.” (217) The creature wants to die by himself

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