Frankenstein plot ch 6-8

What is waiting for Victor when he finally recovers? Who has nursed him during his illness? A letter from Elizabeth is waiting for Victor. Clerval nursed Victor back to health.
Who is Justine Moritz and what is her story? What comments does Elizabeth make about her position in Swiss society? What religion is Justine? Justine lived with an abusive mother before the Frankensteins took her into their house as a servant. After all her brothers and sisters died, her mother felt guilty and sought forgiveness, and then died. Elizabeth compliments the manners and morality of the Swiss peasants. She says they have none of the ignorance and lack of dignity of the English and French peasants. Justine is a Roman Catholic.
Who is William and how old is he? Have we heard of him before? William is a five-year-old boy. He has not been mentioned before.
What does Victor do after his recovery? What is Clerval’s “plan of life”? Victor visits Krempe and Waldman. Clerval’s plan of life is to study the Oriental languages. Victor begins to study this as well.
When does Victor finally plan to return home? What do he and Clerval do while waiting for his father’s directions? Victor plans to return to Geneva in the fall, but due to a sudden and harsh winter, he must delay his plans until the spring. He and Clerval spend two weeks hiking through the German countryside that spring before returning home.
What is waiting for Victor when he returns to his apartment? What news does his father have for him? And what is his father’s name? How does Victor respond? 39. Victor’s father, Alphonse, wrote a letter with news of William’s death. William is Victor’s younger brother. Victor decides to immediately return to Geneva.
How long has Victor been away from home? What happens the night he returns to Geneva? How does he respond? Victor has been away for six years. There is a violent, yet beautiful storm, and Victor says it is nature’s way of honoring William’s death.
Who has been identified as the murderer, and on what evidence? How does Victor respond to this news? Why doesn’t he say anything about the real murderer? Justine is identified as the murderer because the miniature portrait of Caroline Frankenstein was found in her pocket. Victor says he knows who the real murderer is and it is not Justine. He does not say anything though because he believes everyone will think he is insane.
What does Victor now believe happened to William? What does Victor assume about the nature of the creature? Victor believes the monster killed William. Victor believes the creature is a “depraved wretch” who delights in “carnage and misery.”
Whom does Victor see that night? When was the last time they saw each other? How long ago was that? Victor sees the outline of the monster climbing to the top of Mont Saleve. Victor has not seen the monster in two years.
What happens at Justine’s trial? How does Victor respond? Justine’s defense is she was visiting an aunt and upon her return, heard of William being missing. She spent hours searching for him. The city gates were locked so she was forced to sleep in a barn. Could the murderer have left the necklace in her pocket while she slept? Victor says nothing but becomes filled with despair and horror over his creation.
The next day, why does Justine say she has confessed to the murder of William? How does Victor respond to Justine’s situation and to Elizabeth’s anguish? Justine confesses because her priest threatened to excommunicate her. Fearing this would damn her soul, she confesses a lie then feels even greater anguish over this sin. Victor retreated into the corner of the prison and does not speak out in Justine’s defense.

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