Frankenstein Multiple Choice

The novel Frankenstein starts with this type of structure, or form, of the novel Epistolary Novel
Who was writing the letters we read at the beginning and end of the novel? Robert Walton
To whom were the letters written? The captain’s sister
Why was Victor in the arctic? Pursuing the creature
Volume 1 (1818 version) or Chapters 1-10 (1831 version) are told by Victor
Who was Victor’s closest friend? Henry Clerval
What two major events happened to Frankenstein when he was seventeen? His mother dies and he went to study at the university at Ingolstadt
What happened to Frankenstein the day after he completed his creation? He became ill with a fever and delirium for several months
What natural phenomena influenced Frankenstein to learn about electricity and galvanism? He watched a tree being hit by lightning during a storm
Who was accused of murdering William by the authorities? Justine
Where did Victor go to seek relief after Justine’s trial? He traveled to the Alpine valley and the village of Chamounix.
Whom did Frankenstein meet after he had ascended to the summit of Montanvert? The creature
Volume 2 (1818 version) or Chapters 11-16 (1831 version) are mostly told by The creature
When they first meet in the mountains, what does the creature want of Victor? He wanted Victor to listen to the account of his life so far.
What did the creature do to the cottage when he returned to the cottage and found that the De Laceys had moved out? He set it to fire with rage
At the end of their encounter in the mountains, what does the creature ask Victor to do? He asked Victor to create a female for him.
What threat did the creature make when he saw Victor destroy his second creation? He said, “I will be with you on your wedding night.”
What happened on Victor and Elizabeth’s wedding night? The creature broke into the room and killed Elizabeth.
What request does Victor make of Robert Walton? He asks Robert Walton to destroy the creature if he ever has the opportunity.
In the end, what happens to Victor? He died of natural causes while in the cabin on the ship
The creature tells Walton that he plans to do what? That he was going to travel in the far north and kill himself
When we last see the creature, what is he doing? Floating away into the darkness on an ice raft.
The character Victor is what type of character? Byronic Hero
The structure of the novel Frankenstein is an example of a frame story
All of the following are characteristics of Romanticism except for Believed that reason was more powerful than emotion, intuition, and imagination

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